STEAM Open Letter

Dear Mr. Bell,

This letter is to simply say thank you. Thank you for pairing Steffy and Liam as a couple and giving viewers one of the best love stories portrayed on B&B in recent years.

We, the viewers, have nicknamed the couple of Steffy and Liam “STEAM”. Why? Our reasons are simple and self gratifying. Together, Steffy and Liam “steam” up our television screens with their fun, sexy, playful, and loving scenes. They give us “steamy” thoughts and trigger memories long forgotten.

Not only do we enjoy Steam’s passionate and emotional chemistry, we love other aspects of the relationship: trust, respect, honesty and the ability to communicate with each other. In STEAM, we see two adults in a reciprocal relationship of giving and taking.

We realize that Steffy was only meant to tease Liam and create angst in Liam and Hope’s relationship. We realize that Liam and Steffy were not supposed to become a viable couple. Hence the reason most of us tried to not get excited about Steffy and Liam as a couple. Yet, Steffy and Liam kept throwing us, the viewers, one curve ball after another. They had chemistry. They made us smile. They conveyed the emotions of a young couple in the beginning stages of a relationship. Their scenes were full of passion. And, again, they had amazing chemistry. STEAM had our attention.

And then, the infamous scene dubbed “Aspen 2.0”. Aspen 2.0 was romantic, artistic and showstopping. We watched unaware of the smiles plastered on our faces. Our eyes became misty as Steffy and Liam sang, “Thanks for the Memories”.  We sighed when Liam surprised Steffy, and us, by tearing up the annulment papers. Our breaths stopped, for a moment, as our mouths fell open in veneration when Liam kissed Steffy. Steffy had fallen in love with Liam and Liam’s heart tore as two women tugged at it.

Over the summer of 2012, we watched Steffy evolve into a more mature minded woman. Steffy walked the sometimes treacherous path of self reflection and acknowledged, to herself, that she didn’t like the woman in the mirror. She accepted responsibility for her destructive behavior and became determined to mend her flaws. Steffy’s character growth happened, not overnight, but over a span of many months.

Steffy adopted a daring mantra in her bid for Liam’s love: “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours”. Steffy realized that if she truly loved Liam, she should want him to be happy, even if his happiness were due to another woman. And so, at a very steep emotional cost to herself, Steffy relegated herself to a place of friendship in Liam life. Steffy’s support of Liam was unerring, even when it hurt her to listen to him speak about the other woman in his life.

In turn, the sacrificial freedom given to Liam by Steffy would really be a gift to STEAM. Liam and Steffy built a friendship and learned to communicate with honesty and without emotional games. Liam and Steffy enjoyed the simple pleasures of life, like playing volleyball on the beach and hanging out with friends. Liam and Steffy laughed at each other’s jokes and shared their inner most thoughts and secrets with each other. All of this served to unlock the doors to Steffy and Liam’s true selves. Each saw the other beyond the facades, flaws and perfections observed by the external world. Steffy and Liam developed an emotional bond.

Then came the Fall of 2012 and Liam came back to Steffy. It was Liam’s turn for self-contemplation. Liam was a manchild with “no voice”. He simply followed the dictation of others. Liam repressed his thoughts and feelings and avoided confrontation by mimicking a chameleon. But slowly, Steffy pulled Liam out of his shell and viewers began to be introduced to Liam Spencer. Liam started sharing with viewers his thoughts, feelings, opinions and history. He was a paragliding instructor!!! We would have never guessed. Liam stopped having “what if” fantasies about life and started living in the “now”.

This self growth carried over into his relationship with Steffy. He carefully crafted a relationship with Steffy wherein they had a “full disclosure” policy. Steffy and Liam’s home life was endearing and happy. Liam was no longer the “taker” in the relationship. He learned to balance being both a taker and a giver. Liam matured. He went from acting like a teenager on the brink of adulthood to being a man. Even his role at Spencer Publications seemed to evolve into one with more responsibilities.

The Bold and the Beautiful writers gave us, the viewers, a romantic story wherein love slowly bloomed. That love served as a catalyst within Liam and Steffy to bring out the best in each other.

Thank you to the Bold and the Beautiful for the great story. It was a beautiful journey of love. Sadly, the STEAM train has stalled and many viewers are disembarking. This stall is because of Liam’s refusal, repeatedly, to declare to others his love for Steffy. Liam defined, to others, his journey with Steffy as being one of loyalty and integrity, not love. Did Liam fool STEAM fans?

Maybe the fans of STEAM are overreacting. Maybe Steffy will walk away from the relationship, causing Liam to interpret the meaning of the proverb: “You never miss the water till the well runs dry”.  The only way Liam may ever learn to truly appreciate and love Steffy is by losing her. 

It’s time for Liam to fight for STEAM as Steffy has been doing for quite some time. Steffy has demonstrated to Liam, through her words and her deeds, the depth of her love for him.  It’s time for Liam to declare, publicly, his love for Steffy instead of allowing others to trivialize their relationship.

On behalf of all the viewers enjoying Liam and Steffy’s Journey of Love on the STEAM train, thank you for the memories. Special thanks to Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Scott Clifton for their respective portrayal of Steffy and Liam. They have done an amazing job of bringing this story to life.

The STEAM train’s next destination is “Babyville”. Please fix the train so that we can begin moving to the next STEAM destination. We’re looking forward to the excitement of seeing STEAM navigate the highs and lows of parenthood. We want to see them go to Lamaze classes and decorate the baby room.

Thank you.

Fans of the Bold and the Beautiful.

P.S. We did a poll and the wedding in Aspen was voted the least liked STEAM scene. Please take the wedding out of the flashbacks. Thank you for taking this under consideration.