Open Letter

Dear Mr. Bell,

We have been avid viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful for many years, some from day one. We have watched the show from highs to lows, from story line surprises and letdowns. The majority of us are loyal to this show because your writers always tried to deliver what it suspected that the audience wanted: love stories, high fashion and intense inter family rivalries. The stuff that makes great soap opera viewing.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bell, we can clearly state that we the viewers are more than disappointed with the direction of the show as of late. We are tired of the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle. We want it to end. We would prefer it to end in favor of Steffy, but if it doesn’t that’s fine, as long as it ends. We want to see a leading story line for the dynamic character that is Steffy Forrester that does not have anything to do with propping up the character of Hope Logan.

In fact, Mr. Bell, it seems that all characters related to Taylor Hayes-Forrester are used in support of the Logan Family. For example, at various points, both Steffy and Thomas Forrester  were used to solve a mystery regarding Donna Logan’s son, Marcus. Thomas Forrester recently lost the stock that Stephanie promised to him so Rick and Caroline can be presented as the new leading power couple at Forrester. And now, the triangle is reinstated to showcase Hope’s new personality as a mature, sexy woman at the detriment of Steffy Forrester. And now the events surrounding the Hope/Liam Italy wedding (as spoilers suggests) is being used as a potential weapon against Steffy as she supposedly knew what Bill did to Hope with Deacon, etc. We all know what played out on our screens; that Steffy had nothing to do with Bill’s machinations and that she confronted Bill over his schemes. Yet, Steffy may very well be punished over this? If this is the case, then don’t you think that this is unbalanced? It seems to us that Taylor’s children are destined to be alone and the losers on this soap opera. It isn’t fair, and as your loyal fan base, we feel that it’s imperative that you know that we’re disappointed in the direction of this show.

The viewers, Mr. Bell, would like to see BALANCE. For the past few years many have labelled B&B as The Logan Show. We would like to see independent story lines regarding Taylor and her children.  If that can’t happen, Mr. Bell, perhaps these characters would best be served on your sister show, The Young and the Restless? Where Taylor, Steffy and Thomas can be used to their full potential?  Please consider, Mr. Bell, that you have talented actors who portray beloved characters with millions of fans, half the fan base. We implore you not to neglect them and the loyal viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Thank you for your time.