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SNS Spoilers Week of June 1

Ridge and Steffy plot to overthrow Rick as CEO.

Faced with betrayal by his own family, Eric makes an offer to Bill that Spencer can’t refuse.

Ridge is stunned by the lengths Rick went to in order to prevent the takeover.

Bill gives Ridge the opportunity he needs.

An uneasy Ivy witnesses the closeness between Liam and Steffy.

Ivy encourages Wyatt to ask Steffy for a date.

Maya anxiously awaits Rick’s decision about what the future holds for them as a couple.

The CEO of Forrester is saddled with o...

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SNS Spoilers Week of May 25

Rick begs Eric not to give in to Ridge’s manipulation and make a change in power at Forrester.

While Caroline supports Rick, Ridge puts through one last effort to convince his father to assign a new person to run the company, and Eric makes a final decision.

Steffy returns to LA at Ridge’s urgent request and, loyal to her father, agrees to help Ridge implement his plan for the future.

Ridge makes a business proposal to Liam, which is lucrative but carries a major stipulation.

Ivy is unsettled wh...

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SNS Spoilers Week of May 18

Bill and Justin celebrate the success of Spencer Publications’ victory over Forrester Creations.

Katie becomes furious that Bill acted against her wishes, and then lied to her about it.

Nicole confronts Wyatt about his feigning interest in her to get information about Maya, and then betraying her trust.

Maya makes an emotional decision about the direction of her personal and professional life.

Rick vows to do whatever it takes to protect Forrester against its critics and attempts to fix a crucia...

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SNS Spoilers Week of May 4

Ridge wrestles over what to do with the information Carter gave him regarding Maya.

Rick accuses Ridge of joining Carter in a vendetta against Maya.

Still unaware of Maya’s secret, Rick later tells Ridge the important role that Maya will have in his life, and the company.

Pressured by Bill and Liam, Wyatt takes the next step to obtain incriminating dirt from Nicole that would help them unseat Rick at Forrester.

Wyatt begins feeling guilty because of his growing feelings for Nicole.

Ridge makes a...

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SNS Spoilers Week of April 27

Ridge pleads with Eric to void the contract and remove Rick as CEO of Forrester.

When Ridge considers resigning, Brooke and Eric try to talk him out of it.

Brooke yields that Caroline may be the only one to get through to Ridge.

Pam and Charlie’s sleuthing lead them to shocking information about Maya.

Pam convinces Charlie not to pursue it further, out of fear they’ll lose their jobs.

Bill orders Liam and Wyatt to keep digging for the secret.

Katie feels conflicted about her loyalties to Brooke ...

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SNS Spoilers Week of April 20

Brooke faces the consequences of her actions.

Hope attempts to stop Deacon from marrying Quinn.

Wyatt makes a lucrative offer to Nicole, giving her a taste of the Spencer lifestyle.

Liam fears his brother might be falling for Nicole and cautions Wyatt to focus on ousting Rick.

Rick reveals to Eric and Brooke that he wants to marry Maya soon.

Carter presses Maya to come clean.

Maya assures Carter that she’ll tell Rick everything once their future is solid.

Rick plays Eric by taking credit for For...

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SNS Spoilers Week of April 6

Carter is stunned to overhear that Maya was born Myron, Nicole’s brother.

Carter hints to Rick that Maya hasn’t been honest about her past.

Rick defends Maya, believing that Carter is acting out because he’s still in love with her.

When Carter tells Nicole he’s aware of her blackmail, Nicole presents her side of the story.

Quinn confronts Brooke to declare who Deacon has chosen.

Brooke bluntly delivers her opinion of the upcoming wedding.

Quinn’s actions do not please Deacon.

Ridge has an ulteri...

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SNS Spoilers Week of March 30

Everyone at Forrester Creations, especially Ivy, is upset to learn that Quinn has been rehired.

Quinn tries to assure her co-workers that she’s changed.

Katie interrogates Brooke about who has been helping her move on.

When Quinn finds out that Deacon’s 12-step friend is Brooke, she manages to remain calm in front of her fiance.

However, Brooke fears for her life when Quinn warns her to stay away from Deacon.

Wyatt overhears a revealing conversation between Brooke and Deacon about his mother.


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SNS Spoilers Week of March 23

Now aware that Nicole is keeping her long-held secret, Maya takes back her order that her sister move out of the mansion.

Rick’s ill treatment of Ivy at work intensifies Liam’s desire to take over Forrester Creations.

Bill’s visit to Ridge becomes very strained when he sees Ridge’s nude portrait of Caroline.

Katie offers support to Brooke.

Wyatt questions Quinn’s motives for the hurry up wedding.

Quinn suggests that Deacon invite his friend from the 12-step program to their wedding, unaware it’s...

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SNS Spoilers Week of March 16

“Bold and Beautiful” will not air on Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20 due to sports coverage of the NCAA Basketball March Madness event.

Wyatt urges Quinn not to rush into marriage with Deacon.

Brooke struggles to maintain her sobriety.

Deacon promises to be there whenever Brooke needs him.

Rick finds the end of his marriage to Caroline bittersweet.

Tensions run high when Nicole turns up uninvited at Maya’s photo shoot.

Hoping to get rid of Nicole, Maya asks Carter to run a background che...

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SNS Spoilers Week of March 9

At first stunned when Deacon impulsively proposes to her, Quinn accepts.

Quinn stands firm when Brooke intends to derail her engagement to Deacon.

A drunken Brooke falls and hits her head.

Brooke is forced to rethink the direction of her life.

Nicole makes it clear to Maya that she’s not leaving the Forrester mansion.

Aly, forced out of her room at the mansion, backs down from confronting Rick about his ill treatment.

This prompts Ivy to step up and lash out at Rick for disrespecting family and ...

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