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SNS Spoilers Week of July 14

With Bill and Brooke making wedding plans, Ridge pushes himself to remember the details of his accident.

Ridge finally remembers who caused his accident and reveals to Bill, Brooke and Katie what happened on the fateful day.

Bill’s denial of involvement is countered by Ridge, who cites a piece of incriminating evidence.

Meanwhile, Justin covers up his role as pilot of the helicopter that Ridge fell out of.

Rick and Caroline are at odds over her uncle.

Carter receives unsettling news about Maya a...

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SNS Spoilers Week of June 30

Liam has a terrifying accident and injury at the beach house.

A panic stricken Liam tells Hope about the encounter with someone in his home.

Wyatt is floored when Liam and Hope make serious allegations about Quinn.

Katie is frustrated by Ridge’s inability to relax in a romantic setting.

Ridge has a disturbing flashback and persists in trying to awaken his memory.

Justin fears that his complicity with Bill may soon be exposed.

Bill grapples with his conscience over deceiving Brooke.

Maya plays a ...

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National Enquirer Spoilers Week of June 23

Bill gives Quinn sound advice about her current predicament

Thorne confronts Oliver about his intentions toward Aly

Ridge makes an important decision about the next steps to take in his life

Deacon’s assistance is sought out by a proposed ally

Maya’s recent behavior causes concern for many


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SNS Spoilers Week of June 16

Walking along the shore in Abu Dhabi, Brooke comes upon the answer as to whether Ridge survived the accident.

As news spreads through Forrester Creations about the latest development, Eric must phone Taylor.

Bill and Justin become concerned that their involvement with the helicopter might be exposed.

Katie’s plans for the future take a turn in a totally different direction.

A Logan sister fears that she will never have her fairytale life with Ridge.

Quinn is surprised when fate brings her the on...

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SNS Spoilers Week of June 9

Bill plots with Justin to keep the truth about Ridge’s predicament under wraps from Brooke and the Forresters.

Having been unsupportive of Ridge and Katie’s union from the start, Eric has a change of heart.

Ridge’s disappearance becomes a battleground for Katie and Brooke.

As Wyatt blames Quinn for his recent misfortunes, Hope finally decides which Spencer she wants to be with.

Quinn falls harder when Rick ousts her from Forrester.

Drinking away her sorrows at the Bikini Bar, Quinn encounters th...

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National Enquirer Spoilers Week of June 9

Hope finally decides which Spencer brother she wants to be with

All fingers point toward Quinn as the cause of recent unfortunate events

Wyatt makes one last effort to keep what’s most important to him

Maya keeps a watchful eye on Oliver and Aly’s budding relationship

Eric has a change of heart


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SNS Spoilers Week of June 2

After Brooke blasts him and calls him selfish, Ridge shows Brooke the revealing “selfie” of Bill and Quinn.

Ridge punches Bill in order to leave the Middle East with Brooke, but his actions have horrifying repercussions.

Brooke looks on as a terrible “accident” occurs over the Persian Gulf.

As Bill phones Liam to let him know about Ridge, Brooke relays the life-changing news to Katie, who puts all the blame on Quinn.

Meanwhile, the manipulator of the plan and his pilot discuss their role in the ...

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National Enquirer Spoilers Week of June 2

Katie’s happily every after is drastically halted

An admission of guilt by a Spencer causes the fall of a Forrester

Relationships are tested as a family tries to cope with uncertain news

A father and a fiance prepare to join an urgent search

Quinn tries to clean up a mess made for Wyatt


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SNS Spoilers Week of May 26

Despite Wyatt trying to convince his mother to delete the incriminating “selfie” of her and Bill, Quinn sends the photo to Ridge.

Wyatt blasts his mother for showing Ridge the photo, knowing what the result will be, but Quinn remains unmoved.

When a heated-up Ridge asks Quinn about the shot, she reveals that she and Bill had an affair.

Ridge immediately heads to Dubai, determined to stop Brooke and Bill’s wedding.

Katie is very uneasy when Ridge calls to inform her of his plan.

While Brooke is r...

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SNS Spoilers Week of May 19

Despite knowing about Bill and Brooke’s big commitment, Quinn makes a last-ditch attempt to seduce him.

Ridge takes Brooke’s engagement ring, which leads to a huge blowout between Ridge and Bill, as Ridge is forced to return the jewel.

Bill takes Brooke on an exotic trip to Dubai.

Ridge struggles with the idea of Bill becoming RJ’s stepfather.

Katie urges Ridge to leave Brooke and Bill alone, and not interfere with their wedding plans.

Liam has a confrontation with Quinn after finding out that s...

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National Enquirer Spoilers Week of May 19

Quinn uses her powers of seduction to persuade Bill to change his mind.

Things get physical between Ridge and Bill during and argument.

A once star-crossed couple are on the threshold of beginning a new life together.

Thanks to Quinn’s handiwork, Liam finds himself in a dangerously sticky situation.


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