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SNS Spoilers Week of February 2

Caroline and Brooke trade nasty words about Ridge.

Brooke tells Caroline she could have Ridge back in a hot minute.

Liam and Steffy collaborate on his plan against Rick.

Steffy tells Liam what she wants in return for her help.

Ivy is distressed to see Liam and Steffy huddled in a close moment.

Wyatt blames Quinn for his failure to save his marriage to Hope.

Deacon gives Quinn help when she needs it most.

Brooke becomes concerned about Rick’s recent behavior.

When Rick treats Wyatt harshly, he jo...

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SNS Spoilers Week of January 26

Ridge is thrilled to be reunited by Steffy, and is surprised when his daughter reveals the reason she returned.

Steffy and Liam come face to face for the first time since their kiss that forever changed his wedding day.

Liam reaches out to Steffy to assist him and Bill in their scheme to get revenge for Rick’s bad treatment of Caroline, Ivy and the Forrester employees.

Ivy, unaware, walks in on Liam and Steffy and tries to hide her insecurities.

Rick explodes in jealousy after seeing Ridge and C...

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SNS Spoilers Week of January 19

Ridge urges Caroline to end her marriage and gives her two reasons why they should be together instead.

Brooke returns from Italy and immediately has a run-in with Quinn about Hope and Wyatt.

Liam and Ivy take their relationship to the next level.

Bill makes staff changes at Spencer Publications that puts his loved ones in power.

Maya is reunited with her sister Nicole after many years.

Ridge fumes when Caroline reveals how Rick has treated her and Ivy.

Maya is elated when Rick tells her he had ...

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SNS Spoilers Week of January 12

Rick appears to be the only one unaware of the real reason for his offensive behavior.

Maya demands to know whether Rick truly loves her or is only using her to get back at Caroline.

As Maya threatens to leave, Rick makes a decision that ends with a passionate tryst.

Maya gloats to Carter about her and Rick’s hot night together.

Carter labels Rick’s interest in Maya as a rebound.

Ivy warns Rick to think before he loses Caroline forever.

Caroline is heartbroken when she comes upon evidence that p...

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SNS Spoilers Week of January 5

Rick’s unexpected announcement sends shock-waves through the Forrester staff.

Still feeling love for Rick despite having been conned by him for weeks, Caroline persists in wanting to rebuild their marriage.

However, Rick’s cutting reply shows his dedication to Maya.

Caroline then calls Rick out on what she believes is his real reason for being in a relationship with Maya.

Eric throws his support behind Rick, much to Ridge’s dismay.

Rick has a clear field to run the company when Eric leaves town ...

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SNS Spoilers Week of December 22

*A repeat episode of “Bold and Beautiful” will air in its regularly scheduled time period on Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25.

Maya shares the details of her and Rick’s takeover plan with an ally.

Ivy is put in a difficult position when Rick warns her not to tell Caroline about the conversation they had regarding what she had observed.

Concerned that Ivy might become an obstacle to his goal, an edgy Rick wants Eric to sign the legal documents as soon as possible.

Following an awkward exchang...

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SNS Spoilers Week of December 15

With the Forrester staff unaware of his ultimate goal, Rick shocks everyone by supporting Eric’s suggestion that Ridge and Caroline collaborate on the next collection.

Rick and Maya take the next step in their scheme to take over the company by getting the law on their side.

Caroline, believing that Rick agreed to give their marriage another chance, tries to get cozy with him in the bedroom, while he tries to avoid becoming intimate.

When Ivy confronts Rick about what she recently witnessed, he ...

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SNS Spoilers Week of December 8

After Quinn crashes Hope’s baby shower, Bill convinces Wyatt to take extreme measures to preserve his family.

With help from Justin, Wyatt obtains a restraining order against Quinn.

Liam acts heroically to keep Hope and her unborn child from harm.

Hope apologizes to Liam for events in their relationship that could have been prevented.

Deacon discovers who was actually behind planning the restraining order.

Despite her romance with Liam, Ivy considers leaving LA.

Bill makes a revealing confession...

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SNS Spoilers Week of November 24

Convinced that her marriage is done, Caroline is floored when Rick reveals what he really wants.

Aware of the unresolved feelings between them, Ridge tells Caroline they need to get their own relationships back on track.

Caroline is torn when Rick wants an immediate response to his request to reconcile.

Maya is heartbroken when Rick makes it clear that he can’t be with her because his priority is his marriage.

Bad blood lingers between Bill and Ridge after their fistfight.

Everyone is invited to...

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SNS Spoilers November 17-21

Hope flees back to LA after witnessing Liam and Ivy’s growing closeness.

Wyatt becomes concerned about the state of his marriage.

Quinn asks Bill to help her with a plan.

Rick seeks solace from the bottle following his confrontation with Ridge and Caroline.

Eric encourages Ridge and Caroline to create the new Forrester Creations collection together.

Rick declares that Caroline should look elsewhere for employment.

A visitor from Genoa City witnesses the Forrester fashion show with more than the ...

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SNS Spoilers Week of November 3

Rick agrees, with more than a little push from Maya, to become CEO of Forrester.

Once appointed, Rick makes big personnel changes, including some shocking shifts in Ridge and Caroline’s positions.

Caroline is determined to preserve her marriage.

Carter gives Caroline insights about Maya’s motives regarding Rick.

Taylor visits Forrester to check on Aly, concerned that she has been communicating with her dead mother.

Deacon tries to convince Quinn not to interfere with Hope and Ivy’s business trip...

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