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SNS Spoilers Week of October 27

A hurt Rick accuses Ridge of trying to take away everything meaningful to him.

Maya takes advantage of Rick’s vulnerability and provides support, sharing a special evening with him.

Ridge’s actions lead Eric to revisit his decision about who will be the new Forrester CEO.

Ridge admits to Katie that he and Caroline kissed, but assures her that things haven’t changed between them.

Maya is unscrupulous as she battles for Rick’s affection.

Caroline vows to do whatever it takes to save her union.


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SNS Spoilers Week of October 13

Bill and Katie share a tender moment as they reflect on their past, and admit things have changed for them in the present.

Despite Eric’s vision for the company, Ridge lays out a plan to become Forrester’s CEO.

Ridge encourages Caroline not to settle for a future with Rick, knowing she has feelings for him.

Caroline refuses to work with Ridge anymore.

Later, Caroline reveals to Ivy she shared a kiss with Ridge.

Quinn asks Hope for a second chance to be part of her grandchild’s life.

Hope asserts...

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SNS Spoilers Week of September 15

In possession of the incriminating information against Quinn, Liam confronts her about pushing Ivy into the Seine.

At the same time, Ivy spreads the news throughout Forrester.

Quinn is forced to confess her behaviour to Wyatt.

Hope is stunned to learn what brought her and Wyatt together.

Wyatt pleads with Hope not to let his mother’s actions affect their future together.

Liam warns Quinn that he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that she is locked up.

Brooke and Deacon react to the news that ...

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SNS Spoilers Week of September 8

Hope shares with Wyatt her distress about Liam possibly dating Ivy.

Wyatt makes a proposition to Bill that would benefit him and Hope, but not Liam.

Bill reveals Wyatt’s request to Liam, who naturally gets steamed, refusing to lose to his brother again.

Charlie learns that Quinn was in Paris the same time as Liam and Ivy.

Caroline pressures Ridge about the cause of his work problems.

Ridge confesses to Caroline his inability to draw.

Maya intends to win back Rick by ending his marriage to Caroli...

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SNS Spoilers Week of September 1

*Pre-empted Monday, September 1 (Labor Day) and Friday, September 5 due to CBS Sports Coverage of US Open Tennis.

Brooke is caught off-guard when Deacon is at her door, expecting an answer to his proposal.

Caroline returns from her trip to find a frustrated Rick venting about getting no new designs from Ridge.

Only with Caroline’s assistance is Ridge able to draw again.

Rick pressures Katie about Ridge’s lack of progress.

Katie feels compelled to reveal Ridge’s secret.

Hoping to win Bill as an a...

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SNS Spoilers Week of August 18

Ivy feels immense guilt for her part in a botched plan.

Hope and Wyatt remain unaware that Quinn is responsible for Liam being late to meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower.

Ivy puts pressure on Liam to tell Hope the truth about what happened between them in Paris.

Deacon confronts Quinn about her role in Ricardo Montemayor’s death.

Bill shocks Brooke with a marriage proposal.

Quinn finds a way to convince Deacon to join forces with her.

Bill pleads with Brooke to give him another chance for a future to...

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SNS Spoilers Week of August 11

In Paris, while Hope gets wrapped up in a Paris shoot, Liam struggles through traffic to meet her.

Wyatt tries to get through to Hope before it’s too late.

Ivy can’t hide her jealousy.

Liam finds himself in a tricky predicament.

Back in Los Angeles, Brooke and Deacon wait for big news.

Quinn makes an important phone call to ensure that a plan is carried out properly.

Brooke becomes increasingly worried to learn that Hope hasn’t been seen since the press conference.

Quinn’s confidence is shaken w...

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SNS Spoilers Week of July 14

With Bill and Brooke making wedding plans, Ridge pushes himself to remember the details of his accident.

Ridge finally remembers who caused his accident and reveals to Bill, Brooke and Katie what happened on the fateful day.

Bill’s denial of involvement is countered by Ridge, who cites a piece of incriminating evidence.

Meanwhile, Justin covers up his role as pilot of the helicopter that Ridge fell out of.

Rick and Caroline are at odds over her uncle.

Carter receives unsettling news about Maya a...

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SNS Spoilers Week of June 30

Liam has a terrifying accident and injury at the beach house.

A panic stricken Liam tells Hope about the encounter with someone in his home.

Wyatt is floored when Liam and Hope make serious allegations about Quinn.

Katie is frustrated by Ridge’s inability to relax in a romantic setting.

Ridge has a disturbing flashback and persists in trying to awaken his memory.

Justin fears that his complicity with Bill may soon be exposed.

Bill grapples with his conscience over deceiving Brooke.

Maya plays a ...

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National Enquirer Spoilers Week of June 23

Bill gives Quinn sound advice about her current predicament

Thorne confronts Oliver about his intentions toward Aly

Ridge makes an important decision about the next steps to take in his life

Deacon’s assistance is sought out by a proposed ally

Maya’s recent behavior causes concern for many


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SNS Spoilers Week of June 16

Walking along the shore in Abu Dhabi, Brooke comes upon the answer as to whether Ridge survived the accident.

As news spreads through Forrester Creations about the latest development, Eric must phone Taylor.

Bill and Justin become concerned that their involvement with the helicopter might be exposed.

Katie’s plans for the future take a turn in a totally different direction.

A Logan sister fears that she will never have her fairytale life with Ridge.

Quinn is surprised when fate brings her the on...

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