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Speculations From Around The Web 3/28/2013

Here at BBU, we like to gather speculations and spumors about B&B from around the web. Please note that these are just rumors and we cannot confirm or deny the validity of these juicy tidbits. Enjoy!

Rumor Has It: Both Steffy and Katie will have health scares in the immediate future. Will the Spencer men be responsible for both Steffy and Katie’s possible health crisis?

Spumor Report: There is still a wedding on the horizon. Who could it be? STEAM? LOPE? Or TERIC?

Awww Shucky Ducky: Is it true t...


Speculations From Around The Web 2/6/13

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MAYBE? MAYBE NOT? According to sources, it looks like Oliver might make a play for Hope! Holiver, anyone? Will the Hope fan base accept Steffy winning Liam and Hope moving on with Oliver? We’re also hearing about a one night stand between Hope and Thomas. Could it be true?

DRAMA ON THE SET:  This beautiful diva is not happy that her rival (on and off the set) is getting face time on B&B. Can you guess who?

Heather Tom and Rick Springfield

PRETTY PLEASE:  Heather Tom was recently spotted with Rick S...


Speculations: Hope, Steffy, Liam, Taylor & Brooke

By a Source

Brooke’s advice to Hope will be to fight for Liam the same way she fought for her “destiny” years before. Now is the perfect time with Steffy out of town.

Liam is in bed asleep, dreaming of Steffy. Steffy has left for the airport, but she gets sick. When she is in the ladies room, she suddenly realizes she is pregnant. Taylor calls and Steffy tells her the news, but asks her to keep it between them, because she wants to tell Liam herself...


Speculations From Around the Web! 12/31/12


Will he leave: Rumor has it that All My Children is set to return on the web. Does this mean that Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) will reprise his role as J.R. Chandler on AMC? Jacob Young received 3 Daytime Emmy nominations for his portrayal of J.R. Chandler and was an important character to the show. Time will tell!

Say What: According to Loose Lips, Liam will finally stop waffling and choose Hope Logan for his lady-love...


Loose Lips December 30

Could Ronn Moss return to B&B with his tail between his Legs? Well it looks like no one is hiring him, after all he isn’t getting any younger and he is not the greatest actor. Insiders say he has been seen having talks with Brad. I ask, why is Brad even considering taking him back after how he left the show so abruptly and didn’t even come back for Stephanie’s funeral as he was asked. And what about the other actor who has been waiting and wined and dined to replace the character of Ridge...


Loose Lips 12/23

Ridge is indeed coming back, but a new twist is in the works. It has been said that Ronn and Brad were seen having lunch recently and the rumor mill has it that Ronn is taking a second thought about coming back and may be about to change his mind. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Say it isn’t so!!! Since Moss has left BB what has he done besides his garage reality show. Nada Zip Nothing!! If he does come back and I for one prefer he not what are the odds that he will say he did it for his fans...


B&B Speculations from Around the Web – 12/18/12

It’s Blind Item Time!

Spumor Report: Is there a wedding in the immediate future for a B&B couple? Who could it be? Steffy and Liam? Hope and Liam? Caroline and Rick?

Rumor Has It: A little soap opera birdie tells us that a certain actor regrets his decision of leaving B&B. Guess we all know who that is!

Oh Snap: Is it true that a certain producer/head writer is being pressured to tighten up the writing, or else? We don’t know if we believe that one!!!

He said, She said: He said that he “cannot s...


Loose Lips 12/16

Viewers are not happy with Bell these days and are getting tired of the same old same old. From a Taylor/Brooke war it has now been handed down to their children pitting Rick and Hope up against Steffy and Thomas for Forrester Creations. But what I find interesting is that it really is working. Brad’s not about to back off from this one...


Loose Lips 12/9

Looks like Brad is going back to the days when fashion houses were the big deal, not that it isn’t. A showdown is coming thanks to Eric who tells Rick and Thomas it’s time to step up to the plate and it will be decided who takes control over Forrester Creations. This doesn’t sit well with Brooke and Taylor who are behind their boys 100%…… And what about Stephanie’s promise? Thomas must be beside himself now that she has gone back on her word and pulled back on his trust...


B&B Speculations from Around the Web

Word on the street is that Rick Springfield (former GH star Dr. Noah Drake and 80’s music icon) is being considered for the role of Ridge Forrester. Others that we hear are being considered: Peter Reckell (ex-Bo Brady, Days of Our Lives) and Grant Aleksander (formerly Phillip Spaulding, Guiding Light). We’ll keep you posted!

Was Kim Matula actually fired from the Bold and the Beautiful?

Apparently not, as she recently signed an extension of her contract with the daytime soap opera...