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SNS Spoilers Week of February 15

Liam struggles with the complexities, both mentally and emotionally, of his current situation.

Caroline sees a kinder and gentler side of Thomas.

Bridget lends a supportive ear as Brooke confides in her about her feelings for Bill and her fallout with Katie.

Bill confronts Katie when he finds her in a compromising position.

Ridge returns from his business trip, deciding to reclaim his place at the Forrester Mansion.

Rick hits the roof when he sees that Ridge replaced Maya’s portrait.


SNS Spoilers Week of February 8

In a bonding moment, Quinn confesses a secret from her childhood to Liam.

Deacon catches Quinn hiding Liam at the cabin.

Quinn details Liam’s kidnapping to Deacon after being caught red-handed.

Caroline questions Thomas’ disapproval of Steffy and her relationships with the Spencer brothers.

Wyatt proposes to Steffy.

Steffy receives the call she’s been anxiously waiting for.

Thomas takes Caroline to the emergency room.

Caroline accidentally learns the sex of Baby Forrester.

Ridge returns home fro...


SNS Spoilers Week of September 28

Steffy tells Ivy to go wherever she wants as long as it’s far away from her.

Ivy tells Steffy that Eric won’t stand for her firing, but Steffy feels he would be disgusted with her blackmail.

Quinn lashes out at Bill for playing favorites between Liam and Wyatt.

Liam realizes that he’s back on Quinn’s bad side.

Deacon urges Quinn to take a different approach with the Spencers before something irreversible happens.

Caroline is stunned by the unexpected news that Ridge shares with her, as he finall...


SNS Spoilers Week of September 21

Shaken by Bill and Katie’s visit, Steffy seems to make sure that Liam is still in her corner.

Liam is caught in the crossfire over which family members should work at Forrester.

Ivy devises a plan to regain her job, which involves talking to Steffy.

Quinn questions Wyatt’s unexpected change of heart.

Caroline is ready to start a family with Ridge.

Brooke urges Ridge to tell Caroline about his vasectomy right away.

Nicole confronts Thomas about his obvious feelings for Caroline, which results in ...


SNS Spoilers Week of September 14

Ivy faces a huge setback when Steffy turns the tables and forcefully regains what she believes is rightfully hers.

Ivy’s bad luck becomes Quinn’s good fortune at Forrester Creations.

Steffy’s latest move puts Wyatt on the path to exacting revenge.

Wyatt takes his plan of action straight to Bill, initiating a battle for control between the Spencers and the Forresters.

Steffy is caught off-guard when Bill and Katie pay a surprise visit to her and Liam to discover whether Wyatt’s claims are true.



SNS Spoilers Week of September 7

*Pre-empted Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) and Friday, September 11 due to CBS Sports Coverage of US Open Tennis.

Wyatt is under pressure when Ivy and Steffy give him opposite instructions regarding the fate of the video.

Ivy has a back-up plan ready in case Wyatt and Steffy delete the video without her consent, but later has regrets about her final decision.

Aware that Caroline knows the truth about Aly’s death and the existence of the video, Steffy appeals to her to never disclose either to R...


SNS Spoilers Week of August 31

Brooke urges Ridge not to make a hasty decision about having children with Caroline.

Ridge shares a secret with Brooke about events that took place in Paris and why he can’t reveal them.

Caroline looks for consolation after her recent discussion with Ridge about their relationship.

Ivy is elated to be named the new face of Forrester, especially because her honor came at Steffy’s expense.

Desperate to remove the threat against her, Steffy again begs Wyatt to delete the tape.

Liam vows to keep Ste...


SNS Spoilers Week of August 24

Ivy backs Steffy into a corner regarding the video taken the night Aly died.

Ivy makes an accusation against Steffy, who insists she’s innocent and gains support for her side from Liam.

Liam challenges Ivy to either delete the video or bring it to the authorities.

Steffy is terrified of the consequences to her if the video reaches the police.

Despite having strong feelings for Caroline, Thomas encourages her to tell Ridge how much she wants to have children.

Later, aware that Caroline is struggl...


SNS Spoilers Week of August 17

Steffy sticks to her story when Lt. Baker presses her about Aly’s accident.

After a conversation with Ivy makes Liam suspicious, he interrogates Steffy about the night Aly died.

Steffy defends herself in light of Ivy’s accusations, and gives Liam the opportunity to get out of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Ivy shows Thomas the video and promises not to go to the police — if he makes sure she’s the new face of Forrester.

Caroline considers a previous conversation with Thomas that makes her questi...


SNS Spoilers Week of August 10

Brooke and Eric wonder whether Julius’ attitude toward Maya is sincere.

Bill does the unthinkable and offers an apology where it is due.

On what should be the happiest day of her life, Maya is in tears after overhearing her parents’ candid conversation.

Midway down the aisle, Maya’s confrontation with a guest threatens to ruin everything.

Steffy tells Thomas what really happened the night Aly died, and they agree to keep her secret between them.

Meanwhile, Ivy shows Wyatt the video and states th...


SNS Spoilers Week of August 3

Brooke advises Caroline not to get ahead of herself when it comes to Ridge and Thomas.

Thomas challenges his father on several levels.

Caroline receives word that her divorce from Rick is final and considers what she wants for her future.

Ridge reacts when Caroline tells him that she wishes to have a child.

Meanwhile, Brooke hints to Zende that maybe Ridge and Caroline aren’t meant to be together.

With Maya’s wedding only hours away, Vivienne warns Julius to keep his negative thoughts to himself...