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Ratings Report – Steam Outdoor Scenes

By Noudidnt

Bell has been filming more scenes outdoors lately. I know Steam had some amazing outdoor scenes and wondered if their ratings have influenced Bell’s decision for more of them. The first outdoor scene I remember for Steam was the beach scene after Steffy spent the night helping Liam with his editorial. That week was full of Steam, but the ratings for that day were the lowest of the week; Monday 9/19/2011 had the lowest ratings at 2.0/2,615,000...


Ratings Report – Steam Ratings Gold!

By noudidnt

Why Would Bell Mess with Ratings Gold?

I am not a Steam fan, but I do think they have talent, chemistry and huge potential.  I think Liam with anyone at this point is overdone, but the ratings disagree with me.  Steam is ratings gold.  The moment that Steffy hit her head on the side of the bathtub,1 which had the highest ratings of the week, their chemistry has brought consistently high ratings...