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Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty-Six: A Few Days Later

By Alwayshuntress

Jackie and Owen’s Condo

Nick handed the wine to his mother and kissed her on the cheek as he walked into her new condo. “Not bad, Mother.”

“Yes, well, we like it.” She smiled and put the wine on the table near the door.

“No bathtub in the living room? How will you two survive?”

She fought back the urge to roll her eyes, settling for needling him a bit...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty-Five: Two Weeks Later

By Alwayshuntress

Eric’s House

Brooke laughed as she sank down onto the couch, surrounded by shopping bags. “That was exactly what I needed.”

“Retail therapy cures all ills.” Donna grinned as she stretched out a leg, admiring her new heels.

“I’d forgotten how much I love to shop, of course, you’ve always been able to outlast the rest of us. It’s practically an Olympic event for you.” Brooke laughed and started digging through a bag and pulling out a ferociously adorable stuffed dinosaur...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty-Four: Several Days Later

By Alwayshuntress

Spencer Publications: Katie’s Office

“I can’t believe you went through all this trouble.” Katie smiled at the handsome doctor as he handed her a sandwich.

Ian shrugged and returned the smile. “It wasn’t that much trouble, actually. I just stopped at the food truck out front and stocked up. It’s not like you couldn’t have done it.”

“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t have.” She’d lost weight since taking over for Bill because she usually got too busy to be bothered with food.



Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty-Three: The Next Day

By Alwayshuntress

Steffy’s Apartment

Wyatt smiled as Steffy opened her door and held up the coffee tray and box of doughnuts. “I thought you might enjoy some calorie overload before enjoying your first Hope-free day at the office.”

Covering her yawn, she gestured for him to come in and finished wrapping the tie on her robe before snagging one of the coffees and smelling it. “Oh, yeah. Definitely what the doctor ordered.”

“What’s wrong? Didn’t sleep well?”

“Not really...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty-Two: The Same Day

By Alwayshuntress

Eric’s House:

Katie drove up to Eric’s house as Bill drove away. Well, he’d finally found her older sister. They’d all known it was just a matter of time, but she’d foolishly hoped it would take longer. She couldn’t help it if she was getting a little bit of enjoyment out of his being in the dark… after all, he’d kept her in the dark for months. Turn about was fair play...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty One

By Alwayshuntress

Forrester Creations: A Few Moments Later

While Steffy fielded questions about Hope’s double bombshell, Liam managed to slip out through the reporters by faking an important business call and escaping out a side door. As he leaned against a wall trying to process what his wife had just announced on stage, Charlie pulled grabbed his arm and pulled him into one of the offices.

“Liam, what were you thinking?”

“Excuse me… what?” Liam looked at the older gentleman with confusion...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Twenty: A Few Minutes Later

By Alwayshuntress

Eric’s Office

Hope was still staring at her grandfather as Rick’s voice cut through the shocked silence following his father’s announcement.

“No way in hell.”

“Excuse me?” Eric leaned back in his chair as he looked at his youngest son. He knew he was partly responsible for the level of disrespect everyone was showing each other in the meeting, so he was willing to overlook the anger being directed at him.

“You can’t do that...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Nineteen: The Same Day

By Alwayshuntress

Eric’s Home

Taylor had been about to knock when she heard the crash. Opening the door, she watched as Brooke fell to the ground in a sobbing heap. Shaking off the shock, she ran to the other woman’s side and crouched down next to her, hesitating before rubbing Brooke’s back and murmuring, “Shhh. It’s all right.”

She’d hadn’t really known what to expect when Eric had called her and asked her to ‘Brooke-sit’ while he and Donna were at Forrester in an important meeting...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Eighteen: The Same Day

By Alwayshuntress

Eric’s Office

“Oh, come on. Isn’t it obvious?” Rick squeezed his little sister’s shoulder before gesturing at his father. “They’ve been at odds for years and ever since Steffy got back, she’s been making it hard for Hope to be here. It’s understandable, really. Unprofessional, but understandable. Hope’s got the life she wanted...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Seventeen: The Same Day

By Alwayshuntress

Steffy’s Apartment

“So you’re telling me that you leaned in to kiss her just to prove she’d let you?” Steffy looked at Wyatt with her arms crossed and a brow raised. She knew she sounded skeptical, but good grief. Either the men in this city were brain dead or they all thought the women were. Either way, it wasn’t good.

Well, when she said it like that, he really did feel like an ass.

“I know that makes me look like a horrible person, and I know I shouldn’t have done it...


Best Laid Plans Chapter Sixteen: Several Days Later

By Alwayshuntress

Spencer Publications

“Dad?” Liam closed his office door behind Bill, clearly surprised by his presence. “What brings you by?”

“You mean besides checking on my substantial stock investment? Can’t have Katie thinking no one’s watching her.” Bill sat down in one of the arm chairs and leaned back casually.

“That’s the last thing she thinks is going on.” His son sat on the edge of his desk and stared down at his father...