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Zedders’ Zings 10/8: What Are You Afraid Of?

Greetings, readers.

How has your week been? Are you as bored with B&B as I am? Honestly, I’m in the difficult position of not caring about anything that is shown on screen. As a matter of fact, nothing is actually happening on the show. The plot is just spinning in circles over and over again and there is nothing really to talk about or comment on that’s worth mentioning...


Zedders’ Zings 10/2: #SaveUsJMW

Something has happened to the B&B landscape in the past couple of days. It’s as if a giant beast has awakened from its four month slumber. Social media has exploded and message boards are once again buzzing, which begs the question; what happened?

If you told someone who isn’t a viewer of the show that such a buzz was generated by a few minutes’ worth of recycled old footage of an actress who hasn’t been seen on this show for months, he’d raise an eyebrow, maybe two.

Such is the effect...


Zedders’ Zings 9/16: Embrace The Ho Within You, Grasshopper!

Greetings, BBU readers.

Did you enjoy watching B&B last week? I thought most of the week was pretty forgettable, except for Thursday and Friday, for different reasons. I thought those two days highlighted the best and the worst on B&B right now. I’ll get to that later.

The week started with more of the same. Hope and Wyatt flirting, with Quinn becoming the latest recruit for the “kiss Hope Logan’s ass club”...


Zedders’ Zings 9/9/2013: Wine and Cheese

Greetings, loyal readers.

Last week on B&B was great for me, mainly because there were only three episodes to sleep through. Other than that, there was a bit of cheese, a bit of whine and a whole bunch of nothing.

Liam provided most of the whine, complaining to Bill about Wyatt while kissing his father’s ass some more. You see, folks, Liam is very much threatened by Wyatt’s presence because Wyatt looks a lot like his father while Liam looks a lot like a jellyfish...


Zedders’ Zings 9/3: Return of the Zing

Greetings, loyal readers,

It’s been a busy summer for me; and a pretty good one as well. I took a nice break from watching B&B and haven’t really missed it at all. It’s been three and a half months since I watched a show, and I feel like the habit has been well and truly kicked out of my system.

Lots of people contacted me and gave me support for voicing my opinions, and I appreciate them all. They also wanted me to come back and continue to speak for them...


Zedders’ Zings 6/15/2013

Knowing When to Drop Your Pen

On Thursday night I have witnessed the confirmation of an event that I have never seen before in my experience as a TV viewer. An executive producer has declared war on the fans watching his own television show and collectively spat in their faces.

We were told that Mr. Bell was going to live tweet and answer the fans’ questions...


Zedders’ Zings 5/14/2013

When Fonzie Jumped the Shark

First of all, let me be clear that the following is my opinion and not the site’s. Now that I got it out of the way, before I start my rant, I’d just like to clarify that when I refer to the B&B “stunt artists”, I mean the people who are writing this show. As a result of the latest turn of events, this group of individuals cannot be called “writers” any more in my eyes...


Zedders’ Zings 5/4/2013 – Special Edition

The Rivalry. The Machine. The Artist. The Winner.

Hi everyone! It’s another special edition of Zedders’ Zings, and this time it’s about the Daytime Emmy nominations! Four actresses and one actor from B&B have been nominated, while the show has also picked up a record total of 15 nominations in various categories, including the category of outstanding drama series.

Sneak peeks from the performers’ submitted reels have been published, and in this article, I will go through them and write my ...


Zedders’ Zings 5/3/2013

The Biggest Joke in Daytime Television

Well, it seems apparent to me that the Bold and the Beautiful are branching out into comedy! After all, they have the biggest clown around, Brooke Logan, wreaking havoc and making a complete fool out of herself while her two sisters, dumb and dumber, are joining the ride as the Logan sister stooges continue to show what kind of family they are: A family of backstabbing, gold digging tramps who’d sell their own flesh and blood down the river for the shallowe...


Zedders’ Zings 4/23/2013

Poached Salmon and Hot Dogs

It doesn’t matter how much I want to pull away at times, they sucker me back in. Liam and Steffy Spencer form one of the best couples I’ve ever seen on television and it’s no wonder they’ve become the most popular couple on the show.

A couple of weeks ago, we witnessed the return of Steffy Forrester (still), with Liam right by her side. They went on to show us a couple madly in love, happy and excited about their future together...