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Stephanie Forrester II

By Miss Gracie

I wrote an article last summer at the height of the fashion show. At that time, I and most fans were over the moon happy with what we were seeing on our screens. People marveled at how quickly the show had turned around after a few years of destructive writing that went round and round in circles based on only two characters. By last summer the entire cast was being used. The stories were balanced and exciting!

Then something happened...


We’re Back! Did Ya Miss Us?

We took a two month hiatus starting in December 2015 in order to reorganize and refocus our site. B&B became such a drag with the machinations of Ivy, the dumbing down of Steffy, the death of Aly, the foolish and quite boring antics of the Spencer brothers and the stupid CaRidge/Thomas pregnancy scandal that we had to take a step back. Our writers became disinterested and I stopped watching altogether...


B&B Merchandise For Sale #2

Hello, B&B fans! The B&B Store has some exciting new items that you will enjoy. So sit back, relax and make your selections.

First up, Liam’s superhero outfit!

Liam's Superhero Outfit

Now you can save damsels in distress, just like he does on B&B. Don this outfit that can easily fit under your street clothes, then rip those off to reveal the hero in you!

Next, would you like to sport that ’70s disco king look like Bill Spencer? Well, you’re in luck!

Disco King Bill

We offer the entire outfit including the famous sword necklace! Yes,...


Why the Writers Got This Go Around Right with Steam!

By Evan, aka BB4Life

Note: This article is the opinion of one editorial writer, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of BBUniverse and/or the show.

There is high drama and some bumps in the road ahead, but I am saying something I haven’t said in quite some time: The writers are getting this one completely right!

I know, I know! How dare I?! I fully appreciate that everyone comes with their own opinions and biases. I understand that Liam will never suffer enough for most people...


The Ties That Bind

By fortaylor

Forrester or Marone, that is the question. What binds family blood or relationships?

Apparently, Eric can’t make up his mind. It appears the only time Rick is referred to as Ridge’s brother is when Eric believes Rick is getting the short end of the stick. Friday’s episode was certainly explosive, but also revealing. Ridge informing Eric that not only would Rick be out as CEO, but also Eric’s time was over as well. Was this harsh? Sure. However, it was needed...


The Cock Is Crowing

By fortaylor

At least for now… One thing you can always count on with B&B is that when one gets overconfident, it never turns out well in most cases.

Rick sure is secure in his position and has been crowing for the last two days. Throwing two OWNERS out of his office yesterday, and calling them Marones. Call them what you like, Rick, because the ax is about to fall, and you are dinner.

Eric may be supporting him while alienating the rest of his family; however, I believe in time Eric will have t...


Making Ridge the “Bad Guy”

By fortaylor

First let me say that Thorsten Kaye is an amazing actor. As a day one watcher, I never thought I would get used to another actor as Ridge Forrester.

I am sure many are wondering why Eric has blinders on concerning his other son, Rick, when the obvious choice for CEO is Ridge. In my opinion it is punishment, guilt and an unrealistic obligation to Brooke.

Before Stephanie’s death, Ridge appointed his son Thomas as interim CEO...


Welcome Back, Dollah Bill

By fortaylor

Uh, oh! The cat’s out of the proverbial bag, and Dollah Bill is back to doing what he does best. Unethical, who cares? All Bill sees is the sensationalism and the money he is going to be banking off the misery and humiliation of others. Love him or hate him, Dollah Bill is back!

And then there’s Liam and Katie, like “little angels”, one on each shoulder, telling Bill that he can’t do this because it’s a personal issue...


Rumble in the Jungle

By fortaylor

Chasing monkeys, that is what Eric might as well be doing, since he doesn’t have a clue what his youngest baboon has been up to. He and Brooke should go “Rumble in the Jungle” then have a few bananas for all their usefulness lately. Eric never knew how to run Forrester Creations, Stephanie was the business mind, as well as the financial backing, and Eric was the creative talent...


Lost In Translation

By fortaylor

Hello B&B fans, it has been a long time since I have written an article, but alas, sometimes life and family take priority.

B&B sure looks nothing like it used to, but everything changes, as we all know. While I may commend Bell for having the courage to write a story line to bring attention to a modern day issue that certainly all of us will learn something from, there is an underlying issue that even Bell and the writers may not realize, but is just as important...


A Fractured Fairy Tale: The Maya Avant Story

The fairy godmother told Cinderella to stand before her. She waved her magic wand and the old rags Cinderella wore transformed into gossamer silks and lace to form the most beautiful ball gown in the palest pink. On Cinderella’s feet were crystal slippers that gleamed like diamonds...