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Reel Talk with Zania 7/14/2013

My, My, My, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Howdy, fellow Bold viewers. Wow, what a week this has been! We finally get a Steffy sighting, albeit a bit short, and more importantly, Katie took the mighty Dollar Bill DOWN!!! Let’s jump right in…

The week started with the aftermath of the exposure of the dirty little affair between Brooke and Bill. Katie was not having any of their blame game and she finally stood her ground...


Reel Talk with Zania 6/30/2013

Ready, Set, GO TAYLOR!!!

Howdy, folks, welcome to another week of Reel Talk with yours truly, Zania. I want to send a heartfelt thank you to ForeverSteam for a wonderfully written article last week and for stepping in for me in my time of need. I realized a good number of fans are still watching the show and in order to cater to all fan bases, we’re going to have guest writers voicing their opinions in a spot on the Reel Talk weekly column, starting this week.

That being said, let’s jump right...


Reel Talk with Zania 6/23/2013

By special guest writer ForeverSteam

Hello to all of my bold friends out there. Ms. Zania has asked me to take over for this week’s article, and I want to thank her for that and say that I hope I do her proud.

First, I have to add that I have very much missed Steffy and Taylor from my screen. Instead it has been Logan central, and barf worthy in my opinion. Now on to the show that so many of us used to love with a passion and has since sizzled down to almost nothing (as the story lines have).



Reel Talk with Zania 6/17/2013

The Fat Lady Has Sung!

Howdy, folks! It was a sad time for Steam fans last week. We witnessed the tearful goodbye between husband and wife Liam and Steffy, and we cried right along with them because us the viewers know the reason behind the split. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is one phenomenal actress and that girl is pure gold material. B&B needs her more than they realize and I hope they fix whatever situation is preventing her from re-signing ASAP!

Last week started with Brooke having a panic att...


Reel Talk with Zania 6/9/2013

Howdy, folks, Zania here for this week’s Reel Talk. Judging from what happened on Bold this week, I’m very glad I decided to stop watching this sham of a show a while ago. I wrote my article based on recaps (thank God for those) for those viewers like myself who have stopped watching, but still wants to know what’s going on.

Steffy got her medical diagnosis, folks, and it’s a doozy...

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Reel Talk with Zania – 06/02/13

Hello fellow B&B fans! Reel Talk with Zania will be back Next Saturday June 8th. Tune in as we learn what secret Steffy is keeping from Liam and If Eric will be able to hold off the Logan slut for much longer. Will Maya be able to stand up and turn the tables on Big Bad Dollar Bill?  Or will she have to say Bye-Bye to Rick? We’ll find out next week on Bold! In the meantime, please take a moment to check out some of our wonderfully written articles on BBU. Until next time, Have a Great Week!


Reel Talk with Zania Special Edition 5/28/2013

Howdy Folks, welcome to a special readers edition of Reel Talk with Zania. I want to first off thank fellow BBU member Darling1911 for coming up with this idea in on our public forum message board. It’s a well known fact that most Steffy/Taylor fans have tuned out of the show or are planning on doing so once Hunter Tylo leaves and JMW goes on her ‘break’.

So here’s my question to those viewers that have gotten disgusted with the current events on the show and have stopped watching: What ch...


Reel Talk with Zania 5/27/2013

Howdy, folks. Well, Bold fans, another agonizing week has come and gone and there are plenty of mixed feelings about the show still. A lot went on last week and of course our dear old Brooke and daughter Hope were at the center of it all. Let’s dig right in.

We left off last week with Brooke asking Eric to play ‘baby daddy’ to yet another illegitimate child conceived in yet another adulterous affair...


Reel Talk with Zania 5/19/2013

Hello, my fellow B&B Fans! This was the one article that I honestly didn’t want to write. We have had one of the most bizarre, emotionally draining, disappointing, rumor filled weeks in B&B history. I am going to address three issues in the week’s column because I feel I need to say what’s on my mind. I’m sure plenty of other B&B fans are disappointed as well.

I must apologize ahead of time because I will not be touching upon the Rick/Maya/Caroline and now Jesse triangle saga...


Reel Talk with Zania 5/11/2013

Howdy, folks. Zania here for this week’s issue of Reel talk with Zania. I want to thank my friend PinkPixie for doing a fabulous job with last week’s column. It’s hard to believe we’re in May sweeps because if this week is any indication, then there’s a lot to be desired.

We’re still treated to the nonsense that is Brill (Brooke and Bill), only this time we now have a baby thrown in for good measure...


Reel Talk with Zania 5/5/2013

With special guest writer PinkPixie

Week of 4/29 through 5/3

Howdy, one and all in the B&B Universe! This week we had a dose of a little bit of everything. More romance from the new power couple of B&B, Steam. More and more scandal for Brooke. Taylor on the hunt for the truth and Eric attempting to cut her off at the pass. Hope steadily becoming a whole new level of cray cray. More of Caroline scheming, though some good did come out of it. Bill having Katie completely snowed...