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Reel Talk with Kathy 8/20/2013

Train Wrecks

Do you know what train wrecks are? Train wrecks are people or events that are tragic to watch, yet you cannot look away. Car crashes, drunk relatives at a wedding, and now, sad to say, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” These days I find myself wanting to just walk away from what has now morphed into “The Logan/Spencer Show”; however, there is a part of me (as a long-time soap opera fan), that just cannot walk away.

Daytime dramas have become a way of life within our family...


Reel Talk with Kathy 8/13/2013

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to guest blog this week! I am looking forward to many more guest blogs to come, as I have been an avid fan of “The Bold & the Beautiful” since its debut in 1987. This week’s recap is brought to you by the letter “B” – for boundaries. And boy, were boundaries crossed or broken this past week.

Liam and his newly-discovered half-brother Wyatt argued over the affections of “Brooke-Lite”, aka Hope...