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The Bold, the Beautiful and the Busted… A Team Steffy 2.0 Fashion Review…

The Fashions of B&B

The Best and Worst Dressed from the Week Ending February 28, 2014…

On this week’s B&B things got a little CRAZY… between QuayQuay Quinn and the Aly-venger, we have some interesting times ahead! Unfortunately, the fashion’s didn’t always prove as interesting!

We are, however, debuting something new to help our readers follow our ratings! Here’s how it all breaks down:

  • If we rate something BOLD, it’s because it was a real fashion RISK and deserving of special acknowledgement by all!
  • If we rate s...

The Bold, the Beautiful and the Busted… A Team Steffy 2.0 Fashion Review…

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The Bold, the Beautiful and the Busted

The Best and Worst Dressed from the NuBridge Wedding episodes…

Sooo… days come and gone! NuBridge were supposedly getting married! There was all this tension and excitement and yet… the only thing we can think of is WHAT WERE THEY WEARING? There were some MAJOR hits–as usual, Duhnna and Katie prove that SOME Lowgans DO have fashion sen...


BBUniverse Interviews Jourdan Rystrom

Congratulations on having one of your songs used on Bold and Beautiful! I’m sure your fans will like to know how the collaboration between you and Bold come about in introducing your song to a very popular storyline.

Thank you so much! The collaboration was actually all about being in the right place at the right time – while being prepared for it...


BBUniverse Interview with Soaps Style’s Pamela Wilson

By MissUp

Whether you’re rooting for Brooke or Taylor, the one thing that can be agreed upon is that the ladies of Bold and the Beautiful are fashionistas! Have you ever wanted to dress like Steffy? What about buying that owl sweater of Hope Logan’s? MissUP of B&B Universe recently sat down with Pamela Wilson and asked her a few questions regarding her wonderful website, Soaps Style! Soaps Style is a website dedicated to the fashions of B&B!

BBU: Whenever an outfit appears on B&B, you find out w...


Arrivederci, Puglia!

#BoldandBeautiful Puglia, Puglia, Puglia…. The message boards dedicated to The Bold and the Beautiful whispered until it was a shout! Pugliagate! Hope fans wanted redress. They felt that Steffy had gotten away with lying to Liam about her involvement with Bill’s schemes and when Liam finds out about the abject horror of Steffy’s lie, Liam would leave the lying brunette Jezebel and fall into the blond, virtuous, semi-virginal arms of Hope!

The Hope fans got their wish...


Fashion 12/14/2012

Katie & Baby Will

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The Writing is On the Wall

By MissUP

The Bold and the Beautiful have once again played their audience like fools. It’s as if storylines are being forced down our throats without a concern for integrity and continuity. The idea that Stephanie would placate Eric by throwing Ridge under the bus, especially after all the business muck up her husband subjected the business to, is ludacris. The truly sad and unjust part of this entire fiasco is Thomas Forrester’s treatment...