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Moll’s Musings: Week of April 18-22, 2016

Hey, kids! I’m back, did ya miss me?

Okay, new format. I will watch the episodes, and put my comments as I go.

First off, I will address what I read on social media about Steam, and tell you what I think.

Steffy fans don’t trust Liam, I understand that. He has a history of judging Steffy for everything she does. I understand that. I also see people thinking Liam will stick to type, and judge Steffy and leave her when she screws up like he’s done before.

Now, what I see…

Liam’s time with Quinn ha...


Moll’s Musings: Shall We Start Up the Steam Train, Kids?

Hey, kids! It’s been a while, 2013, since I’ve done a report on the happenings on The Bold and the Beautiful.

First off, my names up front.

  • Liam is Bambi. Bill called him that one time, and I was amused.
  • Steffy is Goddess. Ivy called her that in a jealous rant. I was amused.
  • Wyatt is Weasel because he is slimy. Team Steffy gets credit for that one!
  • Quinn is Quazy… credit goes to Team Steffy for that one, too.
  • Ivy is The Plant. Bill called her that one time.
  • Hope is Twit… self explanatory… LMAO!

Moll’s Musings November 25-27

It’s Thanksgiving Week, and I’m Reaching My Limit of Hope’s Mental Abuse of Liam!

It’s a short week here in B&B land! Thanksgiving Day and the build-up to it! I will do a little more than just my faves, Liam and now Aly, and Hott’s budding relationship as well as Steffy, when she’s on. I’ll muse the CaRick engagement party and the build-up to it. I will not muse Brill or the Logan tramps unless it has to do with the party...


Moll’s Musings November 18-22

Aly Returns and I LOVE Her, Liam Gets Daddy to Help and Hope Steams Up the Sauna with a Lot of Tongue Action with Wyatt…


Setting: CEO’s Office, Forrester Creations

Donna: (Looking at a plaque, Wyatt is with her, looking at files) You stop one jewelry heist, and now you’re like a big rock star.

Wyatt: (Puts the file down, holds out his hand, Donna gives him the plaque) Yeah, well, what can I say? (The plaque says “Los Angeles Police Department, Merit award, Wyatt Fuller” on it)



Moll’s Musings November 11-15

Hope Channels Mommy Ho Kissing on Two Brothers…


Hope: (She’s sitting home alone, having changed from the black dress to a blue shirt and black pants. The doorbell rings, she answers it to Liam) Hey!

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Thanks for coming.

Liam: (Walking in) Yeah, glad you called, I mean… (She closes the door) I knew you would, being alone in this big, scary house and all.

Hope: I’m sorry, what?

Liam: (Laughs) I’m kidding. Cause your mom’s in Aspen with my dad.

Hope: Oh...


Moll’s Musings: Week of November 4

Wyatt Impresses Hope, Pissing Liam Off, and Wyatt Sucks Up to Hope, Making ME Roll My Eyes!


Setting: Forrester Boutique show room

Charlie: (Freaking out) You — you — you —

Wyatt: (Acting surprised) Stolen?! What?

Charlie: It could have been — ohh. (Gets down on the floor to search for the diamond around the roped off pedestal.)

Wyatt: (Calm) Charlie.

Charlie: (Freaking out) It’s got to be here somewhere. (Wyatt tries not to laugh) Oh, my God...


Moll’s Musings October 28 – November 1

Liam tells Hope about Wyatt knowing him mom sent the video, she doesn’t care, flirts with and kisses Wyatt…

Setting: Spencer, Katie’s office.

Attorney: Major changes at Spencer. Is Bill still, uh —

Liam: Still on leave. Yeah. It’s, uh — it’s complicated. (Laughs)

Attorney: What isn’t these days, right?

Liam: Well, my annulment, hopefully. No, uh — (Nervously) no last-minute complications you got to tell me about, or…

Attorney: It’s official. As of today, you and Steffy are no longer married.



Moll’s Musings: 10/21 – 10/25… Lope Continues to DIE!!

First of all, I’m very happy to hear the JMW is back as Steffy, and will first appear on December 12. Many people are worried that she’s only there temporarily to bring her daddy back to town, then will go back to Paris… I think she’s back for good, because her daddy’s back in town. Would she go back to Paris alone? We know it’ll be written that her mom is back in town, too, just not seen until they either recast Taylor, or Hunter Tylo comes back. Tom will be in town, too.

Also, it’s just bad bu...


Moll’s Musings 10/15/2013 – 10/18/2013: Liam’s Losing His Mind! I’m Amused!

Liam: (Calmly) Just… put the ring back on.

Hope: (Whispering) You really just don’t understand what you’ve done.

Liam: (Still calm) I do understand. I understand that I hurt you.

Hope: You have more than hurt me.

Liam: (Calm) You’re disappointed. You’re ticked off. Just don’t let (Louder while pointing to Wyatt) him take advantage of it.

Hope: This is not about him. (Wyatt’s smiling at Liam behind Hope’s back. LOL) This is about you. This is about Steffy still being a part of our lives.

Liam: (a...


Moll’s Musings 10/14/2013: The Beginning of the END of LOPE!

Hey, kids! I’m back! Yes, you know why I quit, I said when Steffy’s husband cheats on her, I’m out, and I held to my word. But yesterday’s show was just too good to pass up, and I see the end of Lope in sight. IF he begins to cheat on Steffy yet again, I will quit doing it, but until then… I’m BACK! I’ll do it as long as Liam does not have sex with Hope!! Anyone else (except Brooke) I’ll write, but I know Steffy’s return and eventual reunion with Liam is on the horizon...


Moll’s Musings: 7/25 Bonus Scene

Hope: All right, maybe it’s not true. Logically, it most likely isn’t.

Liam: (Calmly) You just… got a feeling?

Hope: I just think it’s worth finding out.

Liam: Why… (Sighs) Why is this so important to you?

Hope: Why is it not important to you? (He stares at her) I mean, Wyatt could be your family. (Liam looks away)

Liam: May… maybe I’m fine with my (Laughs) family just the way it is!

Hope: Okay, that’s fair, but… (He looks down) what about Wyatt? (He stares at her) I mean, he has gone his whole ...