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Letter From the Editor: The Logan Show


Brooke is pacing back and forth in Eric’s office. Her ex-husband, Ridge, wants to replace her son Rick as president of the company. She is appealing to her ex-husband and father of her child, Eric, Ridge’s father, to stop his son for unseating her son, even though Ridge and his children hold 50% of the stock in Forrester Creations. Let’s eavesdrop on the hapless heroine as she tries to push out Ridge from his birth right, shall we?

Brooke: Eric, please, you must stop that arrogant Marone ...


Hope Logan Is Crazy

As we all know, Hope Logan has, for the third or fourth time, taken off her engagement ring from Liam Spencer. This time it looks justified. Hope found out that Liam made his ex-wife, Steffy, a tribute video showing the highlights of their relationship. Hope was a little upset to say the least. She wanted to be the only woman that Liam loved. She was supposedly tired of being second best and wanted a man that only loved her...


Katie Spencer and Steffy Spencer: Stephanie and Brooke Revisited?

Much has been written regarding the possible disappearance of the Forrester family. I wrote previously that this is a common occurrence in soaps. The Foster-Brooks’ clans were supplanted by the Newman-Abbott clans on the Young and the Restless. It seems that the Spencer clan has started their ascent. The Forrester family seems to be at its nadir.

As we know, the dynamic of the Forrester family was placed on the relationship of Stephanie Douglass Forrester, matriarch of the fashion dynasty and Br...


The Death of a Family: Ridge Forrester’s Line Destroyed

Have you noticed that with the sterility of Steffy Spencer, the death of Stephanie Forrester is complete? Ridge is gone. Phoebe is dead. Thomas is persona non grata. Taylor soon will be gone, as well as her daughter. The entire Tridge family is rendered obsolete.  Why? What was the reason for this cruelty of Steffy’s sterility and her miscarriage?

Soap operas are known for phasing out entire families. On Y&R, the original core families were the Fosters and the Brooks...


How Not to Wreck a Soap Opera

By MissUP

This article will have nothing to do with fan teams. For right now there are no teams, no team Steam, no team Brooke or Hope, no teams, period. I just want to focus on today’s episode.  What did I just see? Brooke begging Eric to hide her latest betrayal and Hope ready to pounce on a grieving and confused Liam?

I knew from the spoilers that these things were going to happen. However, seeing it play out on my screen is a different matter...


The Brushfire: Backlash Towards the Bold and the Beautiful

On Friday’s Bold and Beautiful, Steffy Spencer got into a motorcycle accident, endangering her life and the life of her unborn child. After the episode aired, social media literally exploded! We queried the fans on our Twitter feed and the outrage was palpable. We received hundreds of Twitter and Facebook messages, and e-mails. The sentiment was similar. There was anger and incredulity at the turn of events. Many fans cried character assassination...


In Memoriam: Jeanne Cooper

The members and staff of B&B Universe would like to express our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of actress Jeanne Cooper.  Ms. Cooper, who played grande dame Katherine Chancellor for nearly forty years on “The Young and the Restless,” has died at the age of 84.

Ms. Cooper passed peacefully in her sleep Wednesday morning. Her family confirmed the death to CBS, according to a network spokeswoman.

Her son, Corbin Bernsen, who reported her death on Facebook, wrote that his mother ...


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