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Viewer Feedback: New Direction for B&B

By Diane L.

I believe that the viewers are disappointed with the direction of some aspects of the show lately. I have also come to realize that many viewers take the show very seriously, to the point that they forget it’s a soap opera. On Twitter, for example, many people voice their opinions about the show… I’ve seen people arguing violently over their difference of opinion and sometimes even to the point of blocking each other. The writers should pay attention to what the audience needs...


The Brushfire: Backlash Towards the Bold and the Beautiful

On Friday’s Bold and Beautiful, Steffy Spencer got into a motorcycle accident, endangering her life and the life of her unborn child. After the episode aired, social media literally exploded! We queried the fans on our Twitter feed and the outrage was palpable. We received hundreds of Twitter and Facebook messages, and e-mails. The sentiment was similar. There was anger and incredulity at the turn of events. Many fans cried character assassination...


Sound Off: What’s on the Minds of Our BBUniverse Readers!


We love seeing your responses on our forum, blog comments, Facebook and Twitter! Many of our readers have weighed in about Liam asking Steffy to leave their home and here’s our top five picks from Twitter.

What do you think about Liam asking Steffy to move out of their home?

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