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Crapocolypse Now

By Karen

I just cannot even find strong enough words to express how horrible this writing is. It seems more and more that there really is only one script and the writers just change the name of which character says the words...


Wash, Rinse, Repeat

By Barbara

Today’s show started with Bill and a wedding planner. Not much to say about that but ‘yuck’. Also, why can’t rich people plan their own weddings? It’s really not that difficult. I guess when you have money to throw around, it’s easy to have someone else do all of the work. For most of us viewers, the whole wedding thing leaves us all feeling a little green around the gills. I will never be able to wrap my mind around the thought of bedding my sister’s husband, let alone marrying him...


Eric Pushed Steffy to the Limit

By Brittany B.

Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful started out the way it has many times over the past decades. We got treated to a Ridge and Brooke scene. Now, I’m not a fan of theirs in any way, but I’m not going to disregard their history just on that fact. The thing is, whether or not I like it or even the fact that it’s seemingly out of nowhere, Ridge seems to be into Brooke again. I should’ve picked up on it sooner. The fact that he’s calling her Logan ALL THE TIME is the biggest clue...


Manipulation is the Word of the Day

By Barbara

For a show that drags the same thing out for years, this thing with Quinn and Eric has sure moved right along like the speed of lightning. No matter how much I try, however, I just can’t feel the sincerity where Quinn is concerned. Perhaps it’s because she just can’t stop trying to manipulate every situation to her favor. All of this talk about changing, yet here she is manipulating Ivy to do more dirty work in order to keep Liam and Steffy apart, and keep Steffy married to her son...