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You Didn’t Come!

By Barbara

That was the theme of today’s show…

Over the last several weeks we’ve watched Quinn continue to insinuate herself into the Forrester family. She’s not only drawn a lot of controversy on B&B, she’s brought it to the watchers of the show across the boards. It’s kept everyone on their toes about what possible motives that Quinn could have. There’s a lot of division amongst the fans as well as in the house of Forrester...


We Decline to Your Face

By Karen

As I prepare to go away for a long weekend of romance with my husband, I write this article about the biggest romantic farce on daytime TV. As this show has devolved into the Queric show, I find myself only half listening and watching. I have never been a fan of evil being completely karma free and I really don’t care one bit about Quinn being happy. NOT. ONE. BIT. The only thing this story has accomplished is making me believe Eric is even dumber than I thought. Let’s get to it.

So dum...


Foiled Yet Again!

By Barbara

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Yeah I do. I have to laugh. Poor Bill. No matter how much he tries, someone always throws a wrench in his plans to marry Brooke. If it isn’t Brooke’s sister and conveniently his ex, it’s the dress maker. Now we have RJ in the mix. The dude just can’t get a break. I think it’s called karma...