I’m Just Not That Kind of Girl

By Karen

Well, here we are, still hip deep in the “Quinn deserves sympathy” doo doo. So this article will be fairly short. Thankfully, it wasn’t the only story going today, but the other story doesn’t inspire any must see feelings in me, either. So let’s just get this over with.

Caroline and Douglas returned today and saw Thomas after he had his turn at groveling by Eric’s bedside. He and Sasha were discussing Eric’s condition and Thomas’ remorse when they arrived. After a few moments of giving Caroline a bit of side eye and noticing the way Thomas and Caroline were looking at each other, Sasha excused herself to give them some alone time. I stared at the cute baby and tuned his sickening parents out for the most part, but I am pretty sure the groundwork is being laid for the night that should be considered a crime to become some great love story. YUCK!

Pam had her turn at groveling at Eric’s bedside while career criminal Quinn and her son talked in the hall about her having not signed the marriage license. Wyatt told her that since she and Eric are not legally married, she could be barred from being at the hospital since that is for family only. Quinn asked Wyatt to contact their lawyer to find out if there is anything she can do to fight Ridge. She stated she knew what she has with Eric is real and that she will never leave his side and will protect him from everyone including his family.

Ridge, Steffy, and Carter discussed the POA that Eric signed giving Quinn control of making decisions not only about his health, but also his personal financial decisions and business decisions. They all agreed allowing Quinn to have that level of control is a disaster and Ridge decided that they will keep the truth about the POA a secret. Carter expressed concern and told them it is highly unethical and should not be done. Ridge asked him to please go along with the plan and assured him that no one will ever know that Eric really gave Quinn POA. Carter reluctantly agreed.

The three of them returned to the hospital and told Quinn again that she has no legal status in Eric’s life and that she needs to leave. She refused and returned to Eric’s side. Ridge informed two orderlies that she is unstable and needs to be removed. They dragged her out as she screamed for Eric.

The writers are doing all that they can to try and make people cheer for a psychopath and proclaiming everyone that doesn’t accept this unholy union the villain. Sorry guys, but it ain’t working on me. I have not seen any reason for me to feel Quinn has gotten even a fraction of the karma she had coming her way. This nutjob has interfered in the love lives of Liam, Bill, Brooke, Hope, Steffy, Katie, Ridge, and Ivy without giving a second thought to the heartache or feelings of anyone but her and her son. She has attempted to kill, assaulted, or threatened Aly, Charlie, Bill, Liam, Ivy and Deacon. She is the primary suspect in the highly suspicious death of the Mexican jeweler. And never at any point has she been made to independently suffer any misery as a result of her actions. Please spare me by mentioning the loss of her grandchild since Hope, Wyatt, Bill, Brooke, and Deacon all suffered just as much. No, in order for me to view Quinn as getting karma of any kind, it must be pain that she alone feels. Now that she is finally getting a tiny taste of heartache and wanting me to feel sympathy for this she devil just isn’t going to happen. I’m just not that kind of girl.


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  • Dee Taylor  says:

    Couldn’t agree more about that Wackadoo. They can miss us on the whitewash. She’s not getting a semblance of what she deserves.

  • Cassandra  says:


    I want to thank you for ALWAYS keeping it real in your blogs. I am forever waiting in anticipation in what you write to see if it mirrors my thoughts. Once again you don’t disappoint and this brilliantly written piece mirrors my thoughts of how the writers are really doing a job on trying to convince me (and I hope many others) that this psychopath as you say should garner any sympathy or deserve a die-hard cheering section.

    Nope the “poor me” of that Psycho is just not working, I’m not feeling it and quite frankly I feel indignant when the writers want to insult my intelligence, let alone my memory in portraying this psychopath as a martyr because the family is dumping on her. PLEASE!!!!! I don’t see an ounce of remorse or atonement coming out of this Psycho’s pores. Nor do I see
    this so call change so many say and post on a bias site that bears the the same name as the show. You mentioned all the damage and destruction she willfully and with thorough thought and manipulation did and I totally agree it.

    Yes spare me too the wasted sympathy because like you, I’m not that kind of girl either.

  • Angelica Mortimer  says:

    career criminal!!! ROFL! You got that right! I hope Ridge jerks her arse all the way to the jail! I, too, averted my eyes while TooTallThomas & Caroline made goo-goo eyes at each other. He’s another career criminal who belongs in jail & now he’s the baby-daddy.

  • Gina Calabrese  says:

    So sad to leave BB&B behind. Bell is over-playing his hand and killing the soap little by little.

  • mysoaps  says:

    Let Eric wake up- not knowing who Quinn is.

  • Tali SALMAN  says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog I also don’t have any sympathy for Quinn eather she thinks that the holl family is stupid Ridge is not going to let her make a fool out of him he dosen’t care what his father’s wishes he only knows that she is a walking dezaster that didn’t get punished on the crimes that she did I know that Ridge is not playing by the book but Quinn dosen’t leave him much choice. Ridge and Steffy don’t want to see the family company handed to a crazy woman that did so many crazy things.And Wyatt should understand that even if she is his mother. So Caroline is back Thomas field her in on what is going on in the family and about Eric’s condition she realy wanted for Thomas to see Dougles I personally don’t see Thomas and Caroline together. I want her to get back with Ridge. I hope that will happen I think Ridge needs her by his side.

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