Say What Now?!?!

By Karen

Hello, Universe, and welcome to the weekend. Admittedly, I watched all of this week’s episodes at once when I realized I had to write today. I had originally planned to just delete them without watching. I cannot stand it when the writers try to play me like I’m stupid and this “Quinn is the poor misunderstood victim” crapola does exactly that. I did watch the episodes though and listened to the dialogue. Let me tell you, there was some serious eye rolling, laughing, and head shaking happening through it all. Let’s get to it.

So Eric married his psycho and the family chose to not show. I don’t know about you, but I find it hilarious and hypocritical for Eric, the man who told his family that they cannot dictate how he feels, to turn around and attempt to dictate to them how they should feel. He pretty much made their attendance at the wedding a symbol of them forgiving Quinn for her laundry list of felonies and accepting her as their new matriarch. Understandably, they did not show up since they don’t feel that way. #SorryNotSorry, Eric, but they have just as much right to despise Quinn as you do to love Quinn. The strangest thing for me was him planning such a ceremony knowing how they felt. Other than Thorne, I didn’t hear one person indicate they would show up. So his shock, outrage, and anger was only funny to me.

Eric showing up at Forrester to throw a hissy fit instead of just going on his honeymoon was ridiculous. It was only topped by the words that fell from his foolish mouth. Telling Zende he accepted him without question? Really, Eric? What grandparent wouldn’t do that unless they are a bigot? Is that supposed to be award worthy? Talking about how he always supported them no matter what. Really, Eric? Thorne asked you to look out for his daughter, yet you blew her off when she spoke to you about how Rick was treating her. Talking about the things Pam did? She had a tumor and it was her sister that made sure she got the medical help she needed, not you. You ordered Rick back to Caroline leading him to use and humiliate her in the worst way and ordered Ridge back to Brooke or no CEO job for him. If that is what you consider support, no thank you. I haven’t even mentioned you siding with Brooke when she betrayed your own daughter, nor how you made all of your children bow down to Donna. Father of the year you are not. Yet your children still love you and actually care enough about you to not want you with a person that can kill someone and not lose a wink of sleep. Too bad you love your penis more than them and are willing to force them to be around such a person.

He actually had the nerve to tell Thorne they were lying about Quinn’s exploits. Really, Eric? Then he claimed it was in her past. Seriously? Eric, she was committing felonies just a few months ago. That isn’t her past. If it happened this year, that’s her present. And he is upset they think he is losing it?!?! Who wouldn’t think that? She was just holding an amnesiac with a brain injury hostage and making him think he was her husband and claiming to be in love with him a few months ago, has not gotten treatment anywhere, yet you claim she has changed and safe to be around. The true kicker was after claiming he felt alone ever since Stephanie died (Taylor didn’t happen) until Quinn came along; he then claimed Ridge made him feel alone by not showing up to witness that nightmare. So which one is it, Eric? Does Quinn stop you from feeling alone or is it total submission from your family that stops you from feeling that way? By the time Eric passed out, I was glad. At least he was stopping his nonsensical berating of his family that put together doesn’t reach the level of nastiness we have seen from Quinn.

Meanwhile, Quinn played her favorite card of guilt on Wyatt. She claimed he promised her he would come to her wedding, but I could have sworn he told her if she was marrying anyone else on earth he would be there. Quinn actually considers herself a part of their family. She actually expected them to toast her and Eric and be happy for them. Is Quinn on drugs? Who in their right mind would find anything to celebrate about their loved one marrying an unrepentant criminal? I don’t even care if she has real feelings for Eric. Based on what we have seen from Quinn, she shrugs off real feelings pretty quickly. No need to feel an ounce of sympathy that the family tried to keep her away from Eric.

I will say this, though: it is clear she and Eric are of one mind. She actually said to Steffy that the things she has done happened so long ago, she doesn’t even remember them. WOW!! Really, Quinn?!?! Who could possibly believe she has changed if that is her mind set. She has no guilt, remorse, or regret about the things she has done and just expects one and all to act like those things never happened. She honestly expects all of the Forresters to love her because Eric does. I.Just.Can’t.

The rest of the family started to feel bad for not showing up at the wedding. Pam and Thomas seemed to get over it, however, when they saw Eric had replaced Stephanie’s portrait with one of Quinn. While they went to get some things to take to Eric at the hospital, Carter found the POA he had drawn up for Eric to sign.

Say what now, writers? You honestly believe there is anything Ridge and the family can do that makes me feel a shred of sympathy for Quinn? This is the woman that has consistently manipulated situations to keep people away from who they really love so she can get the outcome she wants. Having anyone manipulate a situation to keep her away from who she loves sounds like Ms. Karma clearing her throat and preparing to sing. That is one serenade I will truly enjoy, and getting a healthy dose of her own medicine just might get the psycho to truly change.


139 comments to Say What Now?!?!

  • cathy hackett  says:

    AMEN and very well said. I agree with every single word you said

  • Angelica Mortimer  says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m so sick of poor widdle Quinn being picked on like she is a saint or something! My God – Ridge has been totally thrown under the Quinn express!

    • Cassandra  says:


      I agree. ALL the Ridge HATERS are driving the Quinn express train to run over Ridge all because he is trying to protect that Old Fool, the company and the family.

      • Tali SALMAN  says:

        I agree I love Ridge very much and I think he is doing the right thing every body is acting like children he knows better Quinn will never change to give her power will be a mistake and that what Ridge dosen’t want to do.

  • Gina Calabrese  says:

    Right on target again. I did watch the Queric saga this week because I so admire the acting of John McCook and Rena Sofer. They were stellar. Actually all of the performances were outstanding. Acting is never the problem with this soap. Day to day scripts are fine sometimes great. It’s when you look at the big picture that everything falls apart. The plot lines ignore characterization and they rewrite anything to make the pieces fit even if nothing makes sense. I can’t continuously watch the soap because of that.

  • Cassandra  says:

    Bravo Karen…….BRAVO!!!!!!!!! You said what I feel EVERY time I hear so many think that this Psycho deserves happiness for NEVER showing remorse, been repentant or served any time for crimes they know she has committed.

    Your best words in this piece are I.JUST.CAN’T!!!!!! That exactly how I feel about the Old Fool and Psycho, and Steffy marrying Weasel Wyatt.

  • Tali SALMAN  says:

    Love your blog I agree why force the family to come to wedding when no body likes the bride. Eric was not fair to the family.He took a way the CEO from Ridge not fairly just because he was not the baby’s father and he was tallking about blood line all the time. I am liking Ridge he is the only one that knows what will happen if Quinn have any control at F.C.Eric is acting like a big grown child and dosen’t want to hear reason.Eric’s stock could have happend at any time it has no conction to the family not coming to the wedding.

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