With Families Like These…

By Alwayshuntress

Quinn’s still living in the dream world she created, where Adam loves her. The sad part is she did such a number on Liam, that I don’t think she’s entirely wrong. He remembers her taking care of him and loving him and protecting him… and then he also remembers her trying to kill him, insulting him and making his life a living hell.

Talk about confusing. He’s almost as lost as she is screwed in the head. I feel so bad for him and there’s a part of me that feels sorry for her as well. Quinn is the person her life has made her and, for a little while, we got to see who Quinn could have been – more importantly, Liam and Quinn got to see it.

I love the chemistry between Liam and Quinn and I would have enjoyed seeing a relationship between them and seeing how it competes with Steam – but not like this. This was twisted and disturbing and Quinn should not get away with it.

I really hope she doesn’t – and Deacon needs to be held accountable as well. Here’s hoping.

So, I tend to just doze my way through the conversations where people are whinging to Zende about his relationship issues, but Rick really took the cake with his interfering Monday.

“Two incredible women who are all about you.”

Ooookay. So I’ll let him have the ‘Nicole is amazing’ thing because she’s playing human incubator right now, but Sasha? Exactly what has she done since arriving that would give her that status? Coming onto her sister’s guy? Pushing her sister’s guy into a sexual romance under false pretenses? Stabbing her sister in the back? Oh, that’s right – she took advantage of her sisters’ connections in order to become a model all while happily trying to get Zende for herself and being very two faced with Nicole. Yup. Real incredible. *rolls eyes*

By his standards, I’m a freaking rock star who can perform miracles at will.

Then there’s Nicole and Sasha’s mess. Am I the only one who’s annoyed that little Miss “Golly Gee, I’m just here ’cause I love you, Nicole,” is going to walk away scot-free from the nastiness she did to to her “sis” just because it turns out they’re blood-related? For me, that would make it so much worse. Sasha KNEW she was actually Nicole’s sister, but that didn’t stop her from going after what she wanted – at all.

I called it last week, though. Nicole instantly felt the sister bond and ignored all the hurt Sasha deliberately inflicted over the past few months and embraced the model as a sister. She even ran off to confront her dear old daddy immediately.

I’m definitely not on Julius’ side on this – at least not when it comes to his hiding his love child away just so he could protect that precious reputation of his. The thing is that Nicole acted like a spoiled little shit when she took him to task. She’s well past the age when she should have realized her parents are human. Grow up, little girl.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Julius found Sasha and they had a beautifully acted scene that showcased their pain and confusion perfectly. Unfortunately, they also showcased the disparity in the writing. According to Julius, he took care of Sasha because of how precious she was to him and he worked two jobs to provide for her. According to Sasha, while whining to Zende, Julius lost his job a while back and Vivienne was the one who made the money.

What? It’s not like these were even different days on the soap. Pick one, writers – and someone needs to learn to proofread.

Then we got to listen to Julius tell Sasha that she’s never going to be his family, but somehow he thinks that he still has the right to order Sasha to pack up her bags and leave. Really? Talk about straddling the fence.

“You know, if your fine, upstanding character depended on a little girl lying for you, then maybe you didn’t have much character to begin with.”

Damn straight.

That all led to a confrontation between Nicole, Vivienne, Sasha and Julius. He proved how clueless he is about other people’s emotions and how they fit with each other, relationship-wise. He actually compared his having Sasha to Vivienne moving a piece of furniture into a bad position – just a little mistake.

He calls himself a ‘truth teller,’ I call him an insensitive jackass. Vivienne called him out on his selfishness as well, which I’m glad of. I’m not even sure if I want them to get through this or not, but I definitely am enjoying watching the fall-out.

The way it’s being written, though, I can see the writing on the wall (I really hope I’m wrong) where Thomas finds out and he and Caro bond over the baby. Ultimately Thomas will not only be forgiven for the what he did to Caroline, he’ll profit from it and Ridge will lose out just because he wanted to protect the woman and child he sees as victims of rape.

Thomas’ attachment to Douglas is bordering on stalkerish. This version of Thomas harkens back to the days of the Thomas who lit a house on fire and tried to blow up a car. He’s obsessive and very strangely so.

His comments about Douglas’ tiny little hands is even stranger because he’s acting like he’s never seen a baby before and he has multiple younger siblings.

And of course, NOW he thinks Ridge is an amazing dad who’s always been there for him all along. So not only is he creepy, stalker type… he’s also got so many personalities that I’m beginning to get whiplash from trying to keep track of them all. *sigh*

Katie saw a picture of Ridge at the dumb ass doctor’s accident scene and came to the stupid conclusion that a man she’s known most of her life, been in love with, trusted her son with, killed the dumb ass doctor. Really? Come on.

Ridge finally told Katie, after being grilled non-stop, that they’d used a sperm donor. She finally chilled about the whole drama and agreed to keep it to herself, but then she ran to see Caroline. Which means she mentioned ‘everything Caro went through’ to get the baby and Caroline misunderstood.

So while Katie was stammering and apologizing for bringing it all up and meaning the sperm donor business, Caroline thought Katie meant that she knew about what Thomas had done to her and oops… there goes the horribly ‘tightly guarded secret.’

I want to care, but this has been so sloppy and bizarre that it’s really hard. I dislike Thomas and I really don’t care if Caroline’s horror upon waking naked with him made an impact. I mean, that’s awesome, but it doesn’t negate the nastiness of what he did or mean that he should be allowed to force himself into her life as the parent of her child. Just no.

Naturally, Katie felt it was her duty to go and face Ridge over this ‘secret’ and she even demanded an apology for his lying to her about Douglas’ paternity. Excuse me? In what world was she even entitled to that information?

I was glad that Ridge told the whole story and managed to keep his emotions in check as he recited the details of what had happened to Caroline. Katie seemed like she was going to ask if Thomas had raped Caroline, but she got distracted and the next thing she said was that Thomas should be told.

Oh, really? So Katie thinks that a man should be rewarded with a child after that behavior? It’s okay to hurt your best friend and do something reprehensible to them and then you get to benefit from it while causing a scandal that will hurt the child and follow it it’s entire life? Hell to the no.

Thomas doesn’t deserve a damn thing. No one ‘deserves’ a baby. Ridge and Caroline are legally that child’s parents and it is up to them if they want to let this kind of scandal impact their child’s life. Period.

Of course, Ridge buckled and decided to tell Thomas and while he was breaking that news, Katie was talking to Caroline.

You know, the people keep saying that Thomas didn’t rape Caroline, but all of her reactions really say differently. The pain and fear on her face when Katie asked if Thomas had ‘taken advantage’ of her tells me everything. I don’t care if her lips said no. Her body language said yes.

I will say that I loved watching Ridge’s body language when he explained that he knew about ‘that night.’ He was so angry and so disappointed as he reconfirmed to Thomas that Ridge is the father of Douglas and that will never change – right before telling him that mistakes have consequences and Douglas is the consequence of one of his biggest ones.

I HATE what Thomas did. I despise the way Caroline buries her feelings on what happened to her in order to be able to function around the man who hurt her. But my biggest problem with this whole story is that Douglas will be followed by this chaos and his origin story his entire life. Yes, I know it’s just a TV show, but if we didn’t emotionally invest in the possibilities, why would we bother watching?

I don’t want Thomas to win anything here. I would love it if the writers gave him a son only to turn around and take it away. I think that kind of pain is pain that he deserves.

Next week stands to be very chaotic between Vivienne and Julius, Steffy and the Spencer brothers, Liam and Quinn and Thomas, Caridge and Douglas.

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