SNS Spoilers Week of February 15

Liam struggles with the complexities, both mentally and emotionally, of his current situation.

Caroline sees a kinder and gentler side of Thomas.

Bridget lends a supportive ear as Brooke confides in her about her feelings for Bill and her fallout with Katie.

Bill confronts Katie when he finds her in a compromising position.

Ridge returns from his business trip, deciding to reclaim his place at the Forrester Mansion.

Rick hits the roof when he sees that Ridge replaced Maya’s portrait.

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7 comments to SNS Spoilers Week of February 15

  • Yvelise  says:

    How can Bridget possibly listen to Brooke’s crap about being in love with Bill? About being in love with her sister’s husband? Bridget should be disgusted and remind her of all of the pain she went through when Brooke was so in love with Deacon while he was married to Bridget. She should remind her of all of the pain that Katie suffered from her betrayal too. Bridget just supporting Brooke through this makes absolutely no sense!!!

  • Brenda Peterson  says:

    Will u please let Steffy and Laim be together and stop all the crazy stuff to keep them apart

  • Cassandra  says:

    Good for Ridge and correct me if I’m wrong but that is “Stephanie” and Eric’s house (moreso Stephanie), NOT his trampy mother’s home. If Prick wants to hang Mabel’s horrendous portrait somewhere…..move in to his mommy’s house.

  • H  says:

    Ditto Cassandra!!!

  • Cher  says:

    All the storylines for BB suck, We are not watching anymore since Quinn and Liam had sex and Wyatt and Steffy had sex, that was all we could take, plus the storyline for Rick and his wife’s family sucks, and Thomas, Ridge and Carolines storyline sucks, never did like the new Ridge, like we said the whole show is sickening to watch! Quinn should have been put away a long time ago, a little of her scheming goes a long way and it is way past fixing Liam’s and Steffy’s relationship! To see Quinn kiss Liam makes us want to throw up, when she is old enough to be Liam’s mother! What happened to the writers? Don’t even want to know what happens on BB anymore! Hope everyone quits watching BB! Cher

  • Shirley  says:

    I agree with Cher. The show sucks. If Quinn is pregnant I want watch this stupid show anymore. Enough is enough. Ridge doesn’t work for me either.Everyone I talk to is not happy with with the Quinn Liam story.

  • Heather  says:

    It’s all so sad. The writing has gone down hill. I want to stop watching but it’s like a train wreck. The stories have no heart and character depth. That’s what we watch soaps for the rich characters. I feel like I can’t connect with these shallow storylines.

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