We’re Back! Did Ya Miss Us?

We took a two month hiatus starting in December 2015 in order to reorganize and refocus our site. B&B became such a drag with the machinations of Ivy, the dumbing down of Steffy, the death of Aly, the foolish and quite boring antics of the Spencer brothers and the stupid CaRidge/Thomas pregnancy scandal that we had to take a step back. Our writers became disinterested and I stopped watching altogether. What happened to The Bold and the Beautiful? After all the build up with Rick and Maya, everything fell absolutely flat. Team BBU just needed a break… A time out if you will. We needed to assess our bearings and discuss the future of our site.

As you can see, we’ve decided to give it another go!

Starting February 3, 2016, our Take Two column will return, but only on a three day schedule. So check the site out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for your favorite Take Two commentary.

Monday through Friday, the site will continue to be updated with the daily previews from B&B, spoilers, and ratings. Live tweeting will also resume on a three day schedule, starting next week. Our weekly column Chaos in Cashmere will resume as soon as possible. Also, we have a surprise in store. We’re working on it and I think you’ll love it!

We’ve missed you all and we look forward to chatting B&B with you! Oh, andcheck out the new design of our website!!

Many Thanks,
Ki’ and Team BBU

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