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Cliffhanger Friday?!?

By Barbara

What ever happened to cliffhanger Fridays? No offense, B&B fans, but I came really close to taking a nap during today’s show. I was actually surprised when it was over because it was so flat. I couldn’t believe that was the end, and had to double-check my clock.

This week’s B&B had a lot of controversy on it surrounding Aly’s death, Ivy and Wyatt’s blackmail, and a general population of watchers who have been wanting to slap their TVs...


SNS Spoilers Week of September 7

*Pre-empted Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) and Friday, September 11 due to CBS Sports Coverage of US Open Tennis.

Wyatt is under pressure when Ivy and Steffy give him opposite instructions regarding the fate of the video.

Ivy has a back-up plan ready in case Wyatt and Steffy delete the video without her consent, but later has regrets about her final decision.

Aware that Caroline knows the truth about Aly’s death and the existence of the video, Steffy appeals to her to never disclose either to R...


Tale of Three Couples… and a Thomas

By Karen

What can I say? Steam is as hot and sexy as they ever have been. The chemistry and sexiness of that pairing shines through no matter what they are doing in a scene together. Whether they are arguing, working, being playful, or passionately kissing and making love; their chemistry is off the charts. They are certainly one of the best couples on the show. Their weak link has always been Liam and his divided heart. Remove that weakness, and you have a couple worth watching and rooting for...


Apparently Aly’s Death Is Wivy’s Winning Ticket

By Alwayshuntress

Wow, this week Liam’s on fire. Not only is he being a take charge, save the day kind of guy, he’s also standing firm and strong with the woman he chooses to be with. There’s no flip flopping, no hesitation, just a clear, concise and solid stand against Poison Ivy and her shenanigans.

“So you delete the video or you go to the police. Those are your only two options, Ivy.”

Amazingly, he also has been very precisely dissecting Ivy’s character, from her good points to her flaws...


Ivy Forrester: Champion of Justice? Or a Woman Who Is Being Salty Over Daytime’s Biggest Douche Bag Dumping Her? You Be the Judge

By Paige

There’s nothing I love more than great soap opera bitch. They bring much needed edge and entertainment to whatever soap they are on. Plus, let’s be honest, good girls tend to be boring. I’ve enjoyed many over the years, but my favorite is Sami Brady from DOOL. When Sami went after you she did it with gusto and flair. When Sami Brady had you dead to rights there was NO way to wiggle out of it. When she blackmailed she wanted everything you had, including your soul if she wanted it...


A Just Cause?

By Alwayshuntress

So here we are, looking over another week of The Bold and the Beautiful and it took less than 30 seconds for me to want to glue Ivy’s lips closed. Her pursuit of justice has long since been replaced by a desire for vengeance and profit.

While Ivy was whining about the horrible hand she’s been dealt because STEFFY (who owns part of the company) is her boss and has her man, which was why she deserved to use Aly’s death to be the next big model, Wyatt was being effusive in his pra...