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SNS Spoilers Week of August 10

Brooke and Eric wonder whether Julius’ attitude toward Maya is sincere.

Bill does the unthinkable and offers an apology where it is due.

On what should be the happiest day of her life, Maya is in tears after overhearing her parents’ candid conversation.

Midway down the aisle, Maya’s confrontation with a guest threatens to ruin everything.

Steffy tells Thomas what really happened the night Aly died, and they agree to keep her secret between them.

Meanwhile, Ivy shows Wyatt the video and states th...


There’s Something In the Air…

By Barbara

So we’re into day five of the death of Aly (soap opera days, not counting weekend). I’ve gone back and forth with this story and what actually happened so many times, now I’m confused. We saw Steffy swing the tire iron. Did she swing it and actually hit Aly? Did she swing it and miss? Or was the big swing that we saw when she slung it into the woods? Depending on which angle you saw it from, and which angle Ivy filmed it from, it could be any one of those scenarios...