B&B Merchandise For Sale #2

Hello, B&B fans! The B&B Store has some exciting new items that you will enjoy. So sit back, relax and make your selections.

First up, Liam’s superhero outfit!

Liam's Superhero Outfit

Now you can save damsels in distress, just like he does on B&B. Don this outfit that can easily fit under your street clothes, then rip those off to reveal the hero in you!

Next, would you like to sport that ’70s disco king look like Bill Spencer? Well, you’re in luck!

Disco King Bill

We offer the entire outfit including the famous sword necklace! Yes, now you can be a famous lounge lizard, too!

For the resident whiner, we have some binkys with Rick’s face on them.

Rick Binkys

That’s right, folks, whenever you need to soothe your whiner, just pop one in for hours of peace and relaxation!

For those lonely hearts out there, don’t be discouraged! How about signing up for Quinn’s Matchmaking Service?

Quinn's Matchmaking Service

That’s right, folks, if you just can’t get a date on your own, Quinn will make it happen! Even if it hurts! She will do anything and everything to make sure the competition is out of the way.

Are you yearning to be a top notch detective? Well, for you Charlie fans, we have this exclusive detective kit!

Charlie's Detective Kit

It has everything you need to get started on your sleuthing skills.

For the Eric fans we are offering the Clueless Eric Game!

Clueless Eric Game

No matter what happens to your business because of your #1 child, you can be just as clueless!

Finally, for those who enjoy merchandise from Down Under, there’s our Cousin Koala toy!

Cousin Koala Toy

With its little clip on arms, use it to pathetically cling to the reluctant husband/boyfriend of your choice!

And, as always, folks, for the first 100 people who order, we have a dozen of Pam’s famous lemon bars!

Pam's Lemon Bars

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