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SNS Spoilers Week of July 13

Maya is shocked when Julius reveals that he told everyone Myron had died.

Julius finally reaches out to Maya, but Nicole is suspicious of their father’s actions.

Aly objects to Ridge choosing Maya as the face of the California Freedom line.

Maya is joined by real transgender models as the fashion show gets underway.

Eric, Caroline and Brooke count on the line being a big success, even as Bill makes an unexpected arrival.

Meanwhile, Aly’s distress about the event makes her delusional.

Ivy’s sugge...


Dissonance of Character

By TheBrit

Dysfunction amongst the families of B&B has never been anything new during the time I’ve watched the show. While the rehashing of romantic triangles is something we predictably saw coming – where even the characters had some opinions about it – there are a few things going on this week that are becoming stifling and not in a good way...