Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows: Busy MamaMia

On February 19, our friend and inspiration Pamela Victoria, aka Busy MamaMia, passed away surrounded by her loved ones, leaving wonderful memories of her presence among us.

Pam was the guiding force of BBuniverse; in fact, she was the reason we opened it! There was a time when Taylor fans were shut down on many Bold and The Beautiful dedicated message boards. Since Busy was perhaps Taylor Hayes Fan Number One, she was bullied a lot for her unwavering devotion to the character of Taylor and the actress Hunter Tylo. A lot of site moderators and members didn’t hear what she had to say and her opinion was greeted with derision and sometimes hostility. So a group of like-minded individuals got together and decided that enough was enough and, based on what Busy and a lot of others went through regarding their take on the show, BBuniverse was created.

She was the force behind the highly creative and beautiful B&B Screencaps Facebook page that was passed on to her by a friend. BusyMum, as we affectionately called her at BBU, was instrumental in getting spoilers, making some of the beautiful and visually stunning photograph collages for all the fans that needed them for their Facebook pages and websites; she was the oil to the engine of B&B fandom. In regards to BBU, we couldn’t have done it without her. This website stands as a beacon to her devotion to the fan community, whether one is a fan of the Forresters or the Logans, because all she ever wanted was the fun associated with fandom and the means to talk about what we saw on the screen in a safe environment free from negativity and harassment.

So we raise our cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows to you BusyMum. We promise to carry on your legacy here at BBuniverse and B&B Screencaps. We humbly thank you for all that you have done for us. We love you and will miss your humor, your love, and your friendship.

In honor of BusyMum, please leave a message about your wonderful memories of her. Thank you!



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