SNS Spoilers Week of February 10

Liam confronts Katie after witnessing a close moment between her and Ridge.

Faced with Liam’s knowledge of their romantic roulette, Ridge and Katie agree not to give in to their feelings for each other.

Brooke’s optimism that she and Ridge will soon be back together is shaken by a request he asks of her.

Meanwhile, Bill has a grand plan for sweeping Brooke off her feet on Valentine’s Day, only to see it end in disaster.

Turning to business, Rick worries when Ridge reasons the diamond heist to get back at the helm.

Hope believes Wyatt’s promise that he won’t ever again break her trust, much to Liam’s dismay.

Wyatt and Hope try to ignore all the negative energy around them as they spend a special day together.

Maya is put on the spot by Carter and her friends about her stalling in setting a wedding date.

Caroline and Rick disagree on a sensitive subject.

Quinn plays Cupid for Aly and Liam.

COMING: Katie’s decision leaves someone hurt.


SOURCE: B&B Photo & Screencaps Gallery

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