SNS Spoilers Week of November 25

Preempted Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 28 and Friday, November 29 for CBS Sports programming.

Donna reminds Katie and Brooke of everything they’ve been through, attempting to get her sisters to reconcile.

Brooke makes a sincere request to Katie that Bill never again interferes with their relationship.

However, Bill is unwilling to give up on Brooke and pleads with her to come back to him.

Wyatt is caught by surprise when Bill asks him for a big favor.

Liam talks to Hope about the future he hopes they will share.

Hope has an idea to blend the family Thanksgiving dinner with an engagement party for Rick and Caroline.

Aly and Hope decide the dinner party seating, prompting Eric to remind everyone to be on their best behavior.

At the combined festivities, Rick makes a romantic suggestion to Caroline.

Maya feels out of her element surrounded by Rick’s family.

Everyone manages to put aside their negative issues as the Logan sisters help Pam and Charlie to create a wonderful dinner.

COMING: Bill has no intention of stopping his meddling.

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