The Many Faces of Brooke Logan Part 1


By ForeverSteam

Brooke Logan – The Adulteress Extraordinaire and Home Wrecker

Hello to all of my bold friends out there. I wanted to discuss some of the many “mistakes”, manipulations, and scandals that has made Ms. Brooke Logan who she is today. Hey, if I listed them all today, we could be here forever, so this will be done as a small series. Now, they may not be in order, so please don’t shoot me for it.

Let’s begin being with the biggest one that just keeps on giving us all misery: Brooke’s affair with her daughter’s husband, Deacon Sharpe. She said she did it to prove to Bridget that Deacon didn’t love her. Okay, so why keep boinking the married man and keeping it a secret? Not to mention what kind of mother even thinks to sleep with her daughter’s husband as proof that he is a scumbag? Most would hire a hooker for the job. And from that unholy union came mini-me, Hope. Brooke lied through her teeth when Stephanie finally outed her, with Whip coming to her rescue. Bridget still found out when she heard her mother and husband over the baby monitor.

Then there was when she slept with her youngest daughter’s boyfriend, Oliver. When the truth came out, she claimed she thought it was Ridge she was making love to. However, how can you not tell the difference between the body of a fully grown man you have been boinking all over the place for years and that of a young teenage boy? Not to mention what kind of parent has sex at their child’s high school graduation party? That kind of behavior should be kept for when children aren’t all over the place, ready to catch you in the act at any second.

After Ridge dumped Brooke for Caroline, Brooke took up with Eric (who was still married to Stephanie). Brooke, of course, got pregnant. The blonde even boinked her stepson on the lab floor after discovering the BeLieF formula, never mind that she was still married to Eric. (Contrary to what some Brooke fans say, this happened BEFORE Stephanie had the letter from Eric forged, according to the CBS B&B website.) Brooke found out about the forgery, but decided to keep Eric in the dark about it for SELFISH reasons (shocker there). She wanted Eric and Stephanie to get together so she could be with Ridge. She had so little regard for her husband, who had treated her like a queen. Brooke had slept with Eric and Ridge (father and son) so close together that she didn’t even know which one was the father of her baby. Of course, she used her pregnancy to try to get closer to a married Ridge.

Brooke insisted that Ridge leave his wife after she (mistakenly) found out that Bridget was Ridge’s child. She even tried to force Ridge to accept a European job offer (with her, surprise) to get him away from Taylor. She even went so far as to scheme with Sheila to break up Ridge’s marriage. Brooke even went to Taylor’s house and demanded that Taylor sign divorce papers without bothering to find out that she already had. (What was Brooke doing there anyway? That was between Ridge and Taylor.) Later on, when Taylor came looking for Ridge at Brooke’s house, Brooke began harping at her about how Ridge didn’t love Taylor, only Brooke (even though five minutes earlier, Ridge had told Brooke how much he loved Taylor and still wanted to marry her). Brooke grabbed her and shoved her and left a pregnant Taylor alone in her house where she collapsed on her floor. Brooke showed up at Taylor and Ridge’s wedding, harboring the delusion that if Ridge saw her, her wouldn’t be able to go through with his vows to Taylor. Of course, he was able to go through with the vows even after seeing her there.

Brooke decided to prance around in her underwear to try to entice Ridge, claiming it was harmless flirtation. (What a tramp!) She began to nag at Ridge about his marriage, trying to convince him it was doomed and that he could never love anyone but her. (Can we say ego trip here?) Brooke decided to team up with Pierce to try and destroy Ridge and Taylor’s marriage, going so far as to toss on her underwear for Ridge. When he and Brooke got stuck in the freight elevator, Brooke slithered her butt across the filthy elevator floor like the snake she is and AGAIN started begging Ridge for sex. After practically being beat over the head with the idea by Lauren, Brooke started a new Forrester line called “Brooke’s Bedroom”. She figured this to be a sure way to finally entice Ridge into bed. (What can we say? She always did have an over-inflated view of her sexual abilities.)

We also have the whole half brother fiasco. She kept going back and forth between Ridge and Nick. She slept with Nick just hours after thinking that her “destiny” fallen to his death and even tried to seduce Nick while he was with Taylor. We even had yet another who’s the daddy story there with RJ. How many times did she go back and forth between these two men anyways? Does anyone know?

I will end with her as of right now latest scandal: Mr. Bill Spencer, her sister’s husband. She batted her lashes and pranced in her undies to the man that she knew was having troubles with his wife. A wife that they knew who was not always in her right mind. And as soon as Katie took those rings off, she was sleeping with married man number 7,947.

Brooke needs to grow up and learn to be a lady, not giving it up to anything with a penis. I am shocked that she hasn’t gone after Liam yet, but there is time.

I want to give a big thanks to fortaylor for her help in this project. Until next time, lovelies, be Bold and have a Beautiful day.

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