Moll’s Musings: Wyatt and the Spencer Sword Necklace

Who is Wyatt Fuller?

SPECULATION: Who is Wyatt Fuller?? My eye for detail noticed that in the picture with Hope for the summer previews, he is wearing what appears to be a SPENCER SWORD NECKLACE, something that only Spencer men wear!

Is Wyatt a Spencer man, and that’s why Liam warns him off of Hope? Could they know each other from their childhood, or does Liam recognize the Spencer Male symbol, and demand answers? Is his mother, Quinn Fuller, really Julie Spencer? How would Wyatt and Liam be related? Did Quinn have an affair with Bill, and Liam and Wyatt are brothers? Could she be another illegitimate child of William Spencer, Sr. who was married to a man named Fuller, but because she’s a Spencer, her son qualifies for all the benefits of being a Spencer male with the necklace to wear with pride?

Find out this Summer on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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