Moll’s Musings: Wyatt and the Spencer Sword Necklace

Who is Wyatt Fuller?

SPECULATION: Who is Wyatt Fuller?? My eye for detail noticed that in the picture with Hope for the summer previews, he is wearing what appears to be a SPENCER SWORD NECKLACE, something that only Spencer men wear!

Is Wyatt a Spencer man, and that’s why Liam warns him off of Hope? Could they know each other from their childhood, or does Liam recognize the Spencer Male symbol, and demand answers? Is his mother, Quinn Fuller, really Julie Spencer? How would Wyatt and Liam be related? Did Quinn have an affair with Bill, and Liam and Wyatt are brothers? Could she be another illegitimate child of William Spencer, Sr. who was married to a man named Fuller, but because she’s a Spencer, her son qualifies for all the benefits of being a Spencer male with the necklace to wear with pride?

Find out this Summer on The Bold and the Beautiful!

17 comments to Moll’s Musings: Wyatt and the Spencer Sword Necklace

  • lwa  says:

    Great speculation Moll, Wyatt looks to be indeed wearing the Spencer sword, Quinn Fuller could well turn out to be Julia Spencer. Is she a Spencer born woman or had an affair with a Spencer man? Sounds very intriguing and it looks like the Spencer family is about to get new additions.

  • BETTYEJ  says:

    I am not watching after they killed Steffy baby. I don’t give a fat rat about new people and sure don’t give a damn about anything that has to do with Hope the stalker.

    • Bbla bla bla  says:

      Lol hate

    • Meko  says:

      I could not agree more

  • stephanie canty  says:

    Nope not watching. It would be nice to see LIam and Stef happy. I’m sick of hope please whoever is writing this please make it look like this could happening who g on a moto caring a baby. Who has a baby at 50? Is all Brooke kids going be base on her lies and her stealing someones husband away.

  • B&B Fan  says:

    As much as I am a fan of Hope and Liam, I am tired of the triangle being dragged out. Not sure why they had to kill off Steffy’s baby. I would rather Steffy and Liam have their baby and have Hope move on with this new character Wyatt who sounds like a potential love interest. Yes Liam was her first love and she will always remember him, but it will be interesting and exciting to see this young woman grow from her experience with a new man. I hope the writers have Steffy and Liam work on their issues as a result of losing the baby and PLEASE LET HOPE MOVE ON WITH THE NEW CHARACTER WYATT! I am getting tired of watching her hear how she was robbed. Yeah she was but now it’s time for her to let Liam finally go. Good luck Hope!

  • bridget  says:

    If Wyatt is indeed a Spencer my money is his William Spencer sr.’s son. Him and Eric are in the same age range and Eric has kids with Brooke chances are W.S.Sr. could have gotten around too with much younger woman after all he had the money or was it love huh. He might have failed to be a father to bill and his sisters because he was already being a father to Wyatt or at least trying to be. But all this is only possible if Wyatt is indeed a Spencer cause he could have just stolen or picked up Liam’s trash or treasure.

  • jo miller  says:

    Here’s an idea. We all know that story lines seem to follow each other, like what happens on The Young and the Restless seems to happen on The Bold and the Beautiful. WELL, what if Liam Spencer is not really a Spencer? What if he is just some ho hum, lonely guy who stole the identity of Liam? ( You know, like Caine did pretending to be Phillip on The Young and the Restless) What if Wyatt is the TRUE child of Bill Spencer? Something to ponder. Either way, I think they will be related. And I too hope that Hope will move on with this new character!!! Liam isn’t good enough to be with Hope or Steffie, not if he can’t make up his mind to love just one of them. Just saying! Time will tell, but I for one can’t wait to see Hope find someone new. Let Liam and Steffie together if you must, but please….no more Hope and Liam!!! I think all Hope fans feel the same. You have a first love, lets move on to the true love!!!

  • rhona  says:

    im just sooooooooo glad that the ridiculous love triange is finally over!!! Steffy prob got tired of the same thing over and over that’s y she decided to make a run for it.. Ridge prob got tired of the same thing as well and that’s y he left. I really hope that liam gets a taste of his own medicine when Hope starts running back and fourth between him and wyatt like liam (mr. bimbo) did over and over and over again..

  • Teresa clement  says:

    I think dont think Wyatt is a spencer. Mom may have had an affair, but Wyatt moved too easily into the spencer home and shows no problems moving into the role of a spencer son. He could very well be Quinn’s lover? Isn’t it convenient he was in the woods while hope was there? Isn’t it convenient that his mother has a business right there and matching necklaces and they’ve never seen each other. I think it’s gonna be about money..blackmail. And FYI, I don’t like the guy that plays Wyatt…..he keeps his mouth in the same pose…ick….not cute! He’s not a very good actor either…I also think he wrote the email that Liam got supposedly from steffie.
    And the stomach turns…..

  • Joyce  says:

    I would so much love to purchase the sword pendent that the spencer men have

  • Klee  says:

    The sword is an original design of UGO CACCIATORI. Made in Italy in sterling silver with onyx, it has been part of the collection for many years and one of his most reconizable classics. Bill has been personally wearing the pendant making it an iseparable part of his carachter and of The Bold and The Beautiful stories.

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