SNS Spoilers Week of May 20

Eric is stunned by Brooke’s request that he make a sacrifice in order to hide her past with Bill.

Unaware of Brooke’s agenda, Rick and Bridget joke about their mother trying to butter up Eric.

Taylor walks in on Eric and Brooke enjoying each other’s company and her jealousy immediately flares.

Steffy becomes uncomfortable witnessing Liam’s growing closeness to Hope.

When Liam makes his first mistake as a husband, Hope wonders if there could be a chance for her and Liam.

Hope’s private meeting with Liam leads to a kiss, making Liam feel torn about his lingering feelings for Hope.

Taylor senses a threat to Liam and Steffy’s marriage.

Rick immerses himself in work following his breakup with Maya.

Maya confides to Carter about Bill’s threat that she stay away from Rick.

Bill orders Alison to pressure Maya into heeding his warning.

Donna begins to feel uneasy around Katie.

COMING: The threat to Steffy’s perfect life is far from over.

31 comments to SNS Spoilers Week of May 20

  • Rapunzel  says:

    U have to be kidding me. Hope liam really! That would b the end of this show for me. Enough is enough and this flip flopping triangle is just naff.

    • Icephine  says:

      I’m finish with this flip flopping I won’t watch it anymore tooo tired leave Steff alone!!

    • Vickie Thompson  says:


      • Tina  says:

        I disagree..I love Liam and Hope together..I am cheering for those two!!

  • gerber  says:

    Taylor’s jealousy immediately flares – this is a HUGE insult for Taylor. And the kiss L/H = FOR SURE it WILL be a Hope’s move – if the health scare happens, she will be atthe hospital “supporting” Liam, like her mother supported Bill.
    I don’t like this

  • EMM  says:

    Ok…I knew you would end up letting Brooke off the hook AGAIN and Taylor would pay the price for Brooke’s slutty ways…AND now you’re messing with Liam and Steffy’s marriage too… AND you have that little twit Hope moving in on him. I AM SOOOO DONE WITH THIS LOGAN SHOW!! I tried to stay faithful to this show but it is painfully obvious that Steffy & Taylor will ALWAYS get the short end of the stick with you! I hope all you Steffy & Taylor fans follow suite because things will NEVER change *sighs*

    • amanda  says:

      o God, get over it, just a show. you will still watch

      • EMM  says:

        Duhhh…I know its a show Amanda and I’m entitled to voice my opinion thankyouverymuch…and NO I won’t be watching it anymore so keep YOUR opinions on MY habits to yourself!

        • Rapunzel  says:

          Good on you. X

      • ArtV  says:

        Why not get get over God being real and yourself at the same time Amanda? Can you handle that honey? It’s two things at once I know, so it may be hard for you as a woman, but do the best you can. LOL!

    • Icephine  says:

      Count me in….Stop watching this sh..t

  • Daniela M  says:

    Why can’t B&B producers just leave Steffy & Liam HAPPY?! If they put him back w/Hope, I will quit watching. She is a girl who is immature & has no fire. Steffy is all tough woman. I think that since Brooke won over Ridge all those years (I liked Taylor & Ridge better), that the producers should change this generation & let the Forresters win this round by letting Steffy stay w/Liam.

    • amanda  says:

      and in what soap, have u ever seen the same 2 ppl married forever? liam and steffy wont be together forever, thats just how it is

      • Gale  says:

        True…but they usually are happy for longer than two or three weeks. You can get whiplash watching this show.

      • ArtV  says:

        Kim and Bob on ATWT.

  • evelyn schmitt  says:

    I only started watching this soap after my mother had her 2nd open heart surgery, so im not as informed as a lot of people, but the two years that I have watched it with my mom is coming to an end soon. the show is becoming very boring and all of the flashbacks are just because of poor writing.the show is on for 19min. 12 min. of new show, the rest flashback moments.i really enjoy steffy, the womans acting ability is just amazing!i think they have run out of ideas for hope and brook,like ridge, they need to go.

  • quilla  says:

    I am so tired of this soap. I get it, it is supposed to have over the top drama,But only one family,the LOGANS, seem to win!! I love steffy, she’s my girl, and she has had the most character growth of anyone on this show. I just don’t get why she can’t have a HEA storyline for more than 5 minutes. Liam has grown too leaps and bounds;I have never heard him talk so much as he had over these last couple months with Steffy lol (who knew his character had a personality). I left Y&R behind because of the direction they went and next it will be B&B.

  • Sandy M  says:

    I am tired of Taylor and Steffy saying poor me. When Hope was engaged to Liam, Taylor didn’t tell Steffy to butt out, but when roles were reversed she was the first to jump on Hope. Hope didn’t do anything to either one of them, yet everyone is so quick to say she is just like a Logan, thinking they can have any guy they want. Liam belongs with Hope. I can’t stand Steffy’s sneaky ways.

    • Gale  says:

      So, Hope is suppose to get all the men? There is only a few men on the show. And every time a new man came on Hope got him. And the same thing for Brooke. Taylor, and Steffy gets dumped on. Steffy has never dumped Liam. Hope dumped Liam and Oliver. How can Liam belong to Hope when he is married to Steffy? Sounds impossible to me…even on a soap opera.

  • Stephanie  says:

    Why is it everyone is for Taylor and Steffy, does everyone forget the fact that Taylor is the only one who messed around on Ridge. Brooke never cheated! Hope has never been devious or conniving like Steffy! Steffy surely does not deserve Liam! The one big thing that they never seem to make light if is the fact that Ridge, Thomas, Steffy, or Taylor are not and have never truly been Forsters!

    • Rapunzel  says:

      Neither is sniffler hope

      • EMM  says:

        LoL! You nailed her personality in that one little responce Rapunzel!!!! Love it!!! Hahaha!!

    • pope  says:

      I hear u

  • Rapunzel  says:

    Ive noticed that the hope and logan lovers r sniffing blood steffys and the babys probably. And they’re coming out of the woodwork. Taylor and Steffy and all her family r more than characters in this show for their supporters. Its about morals and ethics. We watch this show for some private hopes and dreams of romance and decent human behaviour. Something the logans havnt a shread of. By the time they r adults they have experienced mothers sleeping with their boyfriends then husbands their aunts husbands etc etc and the men on this show r weak bed hopping womanizers who toss women aside without a thought and their children too. Its more than just being a soap. To watch this girl Steffy lose so much over her young life is difficult to take as i have a daughter and i would never allow her to suffer so. Please dnt let her lose the baby if she does give her amnesia so she can forget some of her pain. And Lamo liam.

    • EMM  says:

      AMEN!!! And I love your amnesia idea! If Liam kisses Hope while his WIFE and baby (hopefully) are in the hospital she really does need to kick him to the curb!!
      As for you Logan lovers…nice morals you have there…just sayin.

  • jenniboo  says:

    I love hope

  • Susan  says:

    Can you imagine Steffy is in the hospital and here is her husband kissing another woman. Liam you better leave Steffy alone. She is too good for you. Hope you have no morals you are a low crab. You are justs like your mother Brooke. All what you and Brooke good for is to seduce someone else’s husband/man. COOL OUT!!!!!!! Bell you better do a different for those two people. I hope Steffy baby would be OK.

  • bandbfan81  says:

    I agree. I have watched this show since I was a child. But enough is enough. For two years I have watched this flip flop. But if this baby dies…I am done. And this accident is completely against Steffy character. Who with as much sense as Steffy displays would get on a bike pregnant? Not realistic. I will not dot by and watch amother second of Liam going back to hope. Not one second.

  • girlgamerdiva  says:

    Hope and Liam are boring

  • ArtV  says:

    Hi Amanda,

    You are a typical American woman. No wonder men in America go abroad to get a wife. Dahhhling, mind your business. If people don’t want to watch, then it’s not your business. Go be a d*ck-whipped feminist on another site. I’m sure the WWE needs another one of you. LOL! Or better yet, head on over to Facebook and post nonsense on the Team Hope or other Logan fansite. Your delusions would be most welcome over there.

    And in what world do you go to a website and wax poetic about a soap just being fictional? We know that MENSA-girl. We don’t like the plot or character development. Try to keep up dear. It’s a soap remember???

    And for goodness sake, stop trying to be a man. As a man I get bored with women like you. Stop trying to score points with men to “be one of the boys.” NEWS FLASH: YOU’RE NOT ONE OF THE BOYS! And no one wants to hear about how you get along better with men than women. That just mean you’re an a**hole. It’s not a badge of honor honey. A smart woman wouldn’t want to be treated like one of the boys. Men treat each other like crap. A smart woman would want to be treated better than that. So I guess that means, we’ve determined what kind of woman you are. HINT: NOT SMART.

    As for marriages that lasted forever, Bob and Kim were married for years. So was his mother and father. Eric and Stephanie were married for many years until the Logans and their vaginas entered the scene. So with all due respect you pathetic twit, go take a seat somewhere and figure out how to be more of a man so we men can roll our eyes at your pathetic attempts to be a man. It’s like a sport for us now.

    I think I’m done here.

    Love always,

    One Man Who Doesn’t Have Any Respect For You So Don’t Bother

  • lisa  says:

    I hate that they killed stephys baby!!!!! hate it hate it hate it!!!!! please let it be a bad dream but I guess not cus im already seeing that stephy will go back to work and run into hope.. so I hate this show now….

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