SNS Spoilers Week of May 20

Eric is stunned by Brooke’s request that he make a sacrifice in order to hide her past with Bill.

Unaware of Brooke’s agenda, Rick and Bridget joke about their mother trying to butter up Eric.

Taylor walks in on Eric and Brooke enjoying each other’s company and her jealousy immediately flares.

Steffy becomes uncomfortable witnessing Liam’s growing closeness to Hope.

When Liam makes his first mistake as a husband, Hope wonders if there could be a chance for her and Liam.

Hope’s private meeting with Liam leads to a kiss, making Liam feel torn about his lingering feelings for Hope.

Taylor senses a threat to Liam and Steffy’s marriage.

Rick immerses himself in work following his breakup with Maya.

Maya confides to Carter about Bill’s threat that she stay away from Rick.

Bill orders Alison to pressure Maya into heeding his warning.

Donna begins to feel uneasy around Katie.

COMING: The threat to Steffy’s perfect life is far from over.

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