Welcome to B&B Universe!

Welcome to B&B Universe! Our site is dedicated to the most watched soap opera in the world, the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether you love the Forresters or loathe the Logans, one thing we can all be certain of is our love for the show.

This site was born out of concern for the survival of our beloved show. Many fans have grown weary about the direction of the writing and how certain characters are being portrayed. There is too much lopsided writing in favor of other characters, while the veteran cast are not used or are under utilized. In our opinion, the writers have a tendency to lavish story lines on one core family to the detriment of the other core family. In fact, the other core family is more than often used in support to prop characters of the other family. We find it unfair and unnecessary and we will be exploring this in a few days. All we’re asking for is balance.

Also in the coming days you will see a fan action section, dedicated to making your voices heard. As consumers of a product, we have a right to complain if said product is not delivering the goods of what it promised. So, you will find fax numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and other resources so YOU can make your voices heard to the powers that be. Petitions, open letters, press releases and call in campaigns will be organized and you will find all those resources here at B&B Universe.

Please understand that we’re doing this to protect one of our favorite pop culture pastimes. The soap opera genre has taken huge hits over the last four years with the cancellations of beloved soaps like As The World Turns, Guiding Light, One Life to Live and All My Children. A lot of the head writers for these shows missed an opportunity to reach out and to LISTEN to the fans and because of their disconnect to the audience, these shows went away – perhaps never to return. We don’t want that to happen to B&B! This is our attempt to reach out to Brad Bell and the rest of the writers – please hear us! Listen to our praise, criticisms and concerns because if you do, Mr. Bell, you will have a show for ALL to enjoy.

To our readers: please take a look around! We have exciting articles, news and reviews, spoilers, gossip and more! We hope you like B&B Universe!


Team BBU

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  • ForeverSteffy  says:

    Great job on the site guys…I Love it!!!

    • Becky T  says:

      I Love Taylor amy be on top for once! I am so gun shy though after years of watching brooke run all over Taylor that I am still waiting on the ball to drop! But I hope Taylor keeps rising! Love her!

      • m  says:

        LOVE TAYLOR I want her to be HAPPY! Its always been about Brooke and that got very boring. Which by the way Rick and Maya…snooz fest! Caroline was never a heartless person and all of a sudden now she is?????

        • Cheryl Mcmurtrey  says:

          I can’t believe what the writers are doing to Caroline’s character . Totally making her look ridiculous and this isn’t the girl that the show presented to the fans at first.. If this is an attempt to make Rick look good and excuse his behavior for totally dissing Caroline for Mya .. It could certainly have been done in a better way.. Why not have her and Thomas get together like at the beginning when Caroline came to town., as a beautiful , sweet and truthful person .. Who is suppose to be the reason for Ricks character changing .. I just don’t get this story line and the change in her happened so suddenly .. Please try to stop destroying her character and just have her move on or something ..

          • m  says:

            Caroline began as a fresh face for the show, free of Hope’s whiney character.

            It would make for a good story line; effects of brain damage; certainly the fall could have

            caused such a personality change.

  • taylorsbunch  says:

    beautiful as usual, well done everyone

  • okthen  says:

    You are so cool girls!!!

  • BusyMum  says:


  • Aly  says:

    Great Side love it

  • Thomas2Hot  says:

    Awesome site guys! Well done! The fans shall speak loud n clear! Hear us Bradley!!!

  • cksunshine  says:

    Fantastic site! Well done indeed!

  • Loving Steffi  says:

    Great job. The site looks fantastic.

  • eclipse  says:

    Thank u so much for creating this new site, I’m luving it!!

  • Buckeyemomof2  says:

    You gals rock!!! Thanks!!!

  • LadyTee  says:

    Way to go peeps, great job!

  • Steffian4Life  says:

    Loving it! Great job!

  • taytots4ever  says:

    Wonderful new site! It was needed. Long overdue.

  • Nathalie Gosselin  says:

    Love this website. Thanks for creating it !

  • Lindi  says:

    Wow! Just had a visit! This site so appealing! Thanks to all involved!xxxxxx

  • perriding  says:

    This is so wonderful. There isn’t a site like this online anywhere!

  • Jamie  says:

    This site is AWESOME! I love it! Kudos to everyone involved! 🙂

  • Laura  says:

    Great job guys! The new site is awesome! Well done!:)

  • rene  says:

    Well done … so good.

  • Vern_PT  says:

    Awesome job you’ll are doing. I love your website and thanks BusyMum for sending me the link. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work peeps!!!

  • NoUdidnt  says:


  • Kassie  says:

    Scott’s Board crashed more than 6 hours ago and is still down.

  • K.B. Spence  says:

    Great Job! I love the site!

  • bbb  says:

    Time for an update, Ladies! Some of the soaps are back 😉

  • SteamSteffyfan  says:

    Love the Bold and the Beautiful Universe is one of best websites dedicated to B&B around, it has the most up to date information on here great articles, updates, news, spoilers and much more. It is a site dedicated to all fanbases and interested in their opinions as well as provide the most up to date, the Adminstration Team should be proud of themselves they are doing an amazing work on the site and all the associated pages which include Facebook, B&B Universe Forum, Twitter you have to go on it to experience it. So I suggest if any of the staff actors, actress,writers and production teams of the show Bold and the Beautiful haven’t had the experience of being on it try it now because you are missing out on something really special.

  • steamfan  says:

    OMG.. I love that the writers have finally listened to the viewers and have improved the stroyline where things are finally going in Taylor, Steffy and Thomas way for a change. I have on and off stopped looking at the show because of the storyline which continually made them losers to the Logans in every aspect of their life..They were constantly portrayed as the losers when it came to relationships and getting the best jobs at Forrester and the Logans on the other hand always got what they set their eyes on because they were “entitled”. The writers really failed to realize that the viewers live and breath every moment of this show and when his storyline is soo imbalanced, favouring the Logans all the time despite it being just a show…we the viewers become frustrated and unhappy looking at the show. At times we intentionally boycott the show because we can’t handle the hurt faced by these characters on a regular basis. I am glad the storyline has changed a bit to favour Taylor and her family and i truly hope that it remains balanced and i really hope that Liam chosing Steffy is forever and not a repeat of the Brooke, Taylor and Ridge love triangle where Steffy wins for now but he ends up with the Logan after because they are destined to be together (crap). Please don’t let history repeat for this couple’s relationship. STEAM belongs together . Hope has really had many chances to mature and to get it right but have failed so many time please do not punish Steffy for this. I love what STEAM have become and I love that Liam have finally started to stand up for Steffy and that he has finally gotten some balls. Please let their relationship grow and become more beautiful with time. Also, please give Taylor a happily ever after she deserves this after all the years of unhappiness and loneliness.

  • LadyT  says:

    I agree it is great to see Taylor and Eric happy. I do not like them make her a nosey busy body eavesdropping and sticking her nose where it does not belong and she should not be a therapist anymore because she can no longer be objective. As for Steffy and Liam, they do seem to be very compatible, however I wished he would have had the opportunity to chose her on his own without the baby. And I do not like how Steffy played all these dirty tricks to get him…..(but has a problem with Brooke). If Taylor did not like Brooke’s tactics Steffy has done the same things. They annoy me for being so hypocritical. Which is it? Okay for Steffy to play dirty but not Brooke? When Liam chose Hope over and over….Steffy would not leave him alone. When he was just living with Steffy, She was threatening Hope. It just seams like such a double-standard.

  • Sara  says:

    Something that annoys me is that Liam seems to get the better script over Wyatt. Liams scripts were written to make him win an Emmy while Wyatt’s script was written to mute him and make him appear less talented, however despite the writers plan, Wyatt still came out on top with the little he was given to work with. Fans who have followed Darin Brooks way before B&B already know how talented he is and will always be rooting for him and voting for him no matter what. Darin Brooks made Hope Logan likable and now that HOTT has been destroyed despite it being voted the number one couple on B&B, Hope has now been reduced to a s!@t with no values despite all the scripts she’s been given about how prim and proper and full of morals. Her lack of talent shows, and quite frankly her role has been reduced to one of those around the way females on Maury who don’t know who the father is. Still the writers believe that if the setting of the scenes are in a wealthy area with all the perks that some how the audience will see her different but we don’t. This show has become sicking and degrading for decent classy women to watch.

    • melanie  says:

      I actually agree with you. Look how the current script is going. They have Liam saying all the right things to get Hope to date them both and have Wyatt be the dummy who allowed it to happen. Bell does this to showcase his favorites. He wants Hope with Liam at all costs even to the dismay of fans even if it puts other characters in a bad light. This reminds me of when Bell was going out of his way to write good scripts for Kim Matula hoping she’d get nominated for an Emmy and was shocked it went to Jacqueline. Only truly talented actors like Darin and Jacqueline can make a horribly written script work and still shine.

  • Kara  says:

    I am so OVER the Lope saga. Liam is nothing more than a boring whiney corporate America D Bag!! The way that Hott ended was ridiculous to put it nicely! Who is Hope to judge Wyatt based on Quinn’s actions? Does everyone remember any of the shannanigans Brooke has pulled?? Not to mention Wyatt’s heart is pure for Hope unlike Liam’s. Whoever thought that all the blame should be put on Quinn is crazy! Ridge is a grown man and makes his own decisions and we all know he would have went to Abu Dhabi without the selfie. Writers need to get a grip!

  • Normandy Johnson  says:

    I think it is dispicable the way the writers have twisted and distorted Maya’s character and turned her into a person that none of the viewers would care about. This viewer will never forget all the horrrible things Caroline did to Maya, her and her horrible uncle Bill, after Rick made it clear to Caroline he did not want her anymore. If they did not know what to with her character then they should have just written her out of the show. Why was it necessary to demonize her? And how long will the viewers be tormented by the presence of Wyatt and his Mother?
    Its clear that the writers don’t care about the viewers of this show!

  • Selina Breedlove  says:

    Hi I`m new here. I love this site, keep up the great work and there`s alot of work to be done concerning B&B. 3 thumbs up to you and your staff. Kudos to you all…

  • nicole Jackson  says:

    It s time for new direction on both the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful.when both stories started out.they were strong families.Im tired of seeing the same stories .Im tired of seeing Sharon and Brooke Suffer.You could of been turned those two woman around and made all the woman on the stories powerful.

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