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Welcome to B&B Universe! Our site is dedicated to the most watched soap opera in the world, the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether you love the Forresters or loathe the Logans, one thing we can all be certain of is our love for the show.

This site was born out of concern for the survival of our beloved show. Many fans have grown weary about the direction of the writing and how certain characters are being portrayed...


Mom, I Don’t Get It!

By Barbara

Could someone please tell me why Wyatt is acting so surprised about what Quinn did to manipulate his situation with Steffy? Hasn’t she been manipulating people to do her bidding for his entire life, and most likely hers also? I like Wyatt. I really do. I think he’s a good kid. However, this constant surprised attitude he puts on every single time Quinn pulls her nutso routine is getting old. He’s fully aware that this is what she does...


It Ain’t In the Bottle, Baby, It’s Under the Bed…

By Barbara

I know some families are close, but how many families share house keys and are allowed to enter at any time of any day? I can see giving sis a key in case of an emergency, or to water my plants/feed the animals when I’m away, but I just can’t see myself saying, “Come on in any darned time the mood strikes you!” Especially if said sis has been doing the deed with my husband. Of course, in real life, I wouldn’t have re-married the guy in the first place...


Baby Love

By Karen

Congratulations to Raya. Nicole certainly gave them one beautiful bundle of joy. The birth of the newest member of the Forrester family with an original song written and performed by Reign Edwards herself was truly the most joyous scene of the show in a while. Of course they had to muddy it up a bit by having Zende play stalker in scrubs in the background. But even that didn’t really diminish the greatness of it all and the outstanding performances by Karla, Jacob, Anna, and Reign.