Welcome to B&B Universe!


Welcome to B&B Universe! Our site is dedicated to the most watched soap opera in the world, the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether you love the Forresters or loathe the Logans, one thing we can all be certain of is our love for the show.

This site was born out of concern for the survival of our beloved show. Many fans have grown weary about the direction of the writing and how certain characters are being portrayed...

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A Tale of Two Rivals


By DeeDee Dynamite

I spent today’s episode wondering what The Bold and the Beautiful would be like if we could just put people in a hot oil ring and let them wrestle it out. I think we’d move the plot forward more by doing this than by having this endless rehashes of conversations and actions we’ve already heard and seen before. The entire show has boiled down to jealousy and rivalry.

Maya is resorting to guerrilla warfare in her quest to get Rick back...

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Videos 10/23/2014

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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Cue Up Kanye West and Jamie Foxx


By Karen

Happy Hump Day, Universe!! The good news is it was a day filled with Kridge, Crick and Marter. The bad news is these writers have the capacity to ruin every story they touch. This one is no different.

Let’s get right to it. I honestly believe it was a colossal mistake to have Ridge and Caroline actually kiss. I think their relationship should have only been business related with the insecurities of Rick and Katie and the insinuations of Maya fueling the outcome...

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Videos 10/22/2014

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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October 21, 2014: The Day I Lost All Respect for Wyatt


By Paige

There is a very disturbing trend that has been taking place on this show. Whenever a man falls in love with either Hope or Brooke, they lose basic brain function. Self-respect, dignity and logic also go out the window. The men are reduced to whining little boys who parrot whatever their mistresses tell them. They basically turn into lap dogs. Although one would argue lap dogs have more dignity and self-respect.

When Wyatt first came on the show he was exciting...

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Videos 10/21/2014

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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The Elephant(s) In The Room


By Chassity

Poor Hope Logan. It must be so hard walking around thinking everyone is obsessed with you.

Because that’s what her confrontations with Quinn boils down to.

Today, Hope continued to declare to anyone who’d listen that she will not accept Quinn in her life. She tries to talk Deacon out of being involved with Quinn, eventually giving him an ultimatum: Deacon must choose between his daughter and Quinn, because if he continues to be with Quinn, she will cut him out of her life, too...

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Videos 10/20/2014

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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Blurred Lines


By Alwayshuntress

Gauntlets were thrown as manipulations, schemes and betrayals came into play this week on B&B as desperation drove some people to step outside their comfort zone and others to push people out of theirs.

At Forrester, Ridge was trying extremely hard to get Caroline’s ‘vote’ and lock down the CEO job in a very soapy, but underhanded manner – playing to her ego and her crush.

“We’re the future of Forrester.”

That’s quite the heart-stopping thing for someone to hear from their idol...

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SNS Spoilers Week of October 27

A hurt Rick accuses Ridge of trying to take away everything meaningful to him.

Maya takes advantage of Rick’s vulnerability and provides support, sharing a special evening with him.

Ridge’s actions lead Eric to revisit his decision about who will be the new Forrester CEO.

Ridge admits to Katie that he and Caroline kissed, but assures her that things haven’t changed between them.

Maya is unscrupulous as she battles for Rick’s affection.

Caroline vows to do whatever it takes to save her union.


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