Welcome to B&B Universe!


Welcome to B&B Universe! Our site is dedicated to the most watched soap opera in the world, the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether you love the Forresters or loathe the Logans, one thing we can all be certain of is our love for the show.

This site was born out of concern for the survival of our beloved show. Many fans have grown weary about the direction of the writing and how certain characters are being portrayed...

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Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows: Busy MamaMia


On February 19, our friend and inspiration Pamela Victoria, aka Busy MamaMia, passed away surrounded by her loved ones, leaving wonderful memories of her presence among us.

Pam was the guiding force of BBuniverse; in fact, she was the reason we opened it! There was a time when Taylor fans were shut down on many Bold and The Beautiful dedicated message boards...

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Videos 2/27/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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SNS Spoilers Week of March 9

At first stunned when Deacon impulsively proposes to her, Quinn accepts.

Quinn stands firm when Brooke intends to derail her engagement to Deacon.

A drunken Brooke falls and hits her head.

Brooke is forced to rethink the direction of her life.

Nicole makes it clear to Maya that she’s not leaving the Forrester mansion.

Aly, forced out of her room at the mansion, backs down from confronting Rick about his ill treatment.

This prompts Ivy to step up and lash out at Rick for disrespecting family and ...

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Videos 2/26/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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The Lesser of Two Evils


By Paige

“Men are driven by two principal impulses, either by fear or by love.” – Nicolo Machiavelli

What a way to start a column about The Bold and the Beautiful, right? With a heavy quote by a man who can be defined as an extreme realist. As you know, I pride myself on being a realist, so why not start off with a heavy but relevant quote? The reason I picked this quote is because love and fear seem to be themes on Bold lately.

Steffy is back for love and, to some extent, to save the compan...

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Videos 2/25/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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Delusions of Grandeur


By Chassity

Everyone’s got them. Some worse than others.

Let’s start with Ridge. I’ve had about enough of him and his walking around as if he’s some saintly hero swooping in to save the day. It’s intriguing that he thinks he’s so different from, so much better than, Rick. Is Rick being a total jerk almost 24/7? Yes. But Ridge isn’t far behind. The man has always been a womanizing, self-absorbed jerk...

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You Know February’s a Flop When Actually Sweeping is More Entertaining


By Karen

Hello, Universe. As we enter the final week of sweeps, I can’t help but wonder… WHAT THE FU**?!?! This has been the most uneventful, unentertaining sweeps month I have ever seen on ANY soap. There has been so little storyline movement, I had to double check the calendar to see if it was really January. Apparently, these writers think just bringing characters back is enough, but I must beg to differ. They must actually DO SOMETHING when they return to make the return sweeps worthy.

I wil...

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It’s All About The Bottom Line


By Alwayshuntress

There was a wedding, a lot of drinking, an ex refusing to take the hint and some power play letdowns this week. The first thing we saw was a severely hung over Logan. As she sat up and looked around, she grabbed hold of that nasty empty bottle of vodka (?) and the camera planned to the empty living room. Poor Brooke. /sarcasm off

Katie and Bill shared some cute pre-wedding moments right before Katie jumped the shark by telling Bill she wanted Brooke to be her matron of honor...

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Videos 2/24/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com – US Only)

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