Welcome to B&B Universe!

Welcome to B&B Universe! Our site is dedicated to the most watched soap opera in the world, the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether you love the Forresters or loathe the Logans, one thing we can all be certain of is our love for the show.

This site was born out of concern for the survival of our beloved show. Many fans have grown weary about the direction of the writing and how certain characters are being portrayed...




After much consideration, we here at BBU have decided it’s time to close the website. It’s been a fun ride and we want to thank you all for your support over the years. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

The BBU Facebook page will remain open, and we’re planning to reopen the message board, so we hope you’ll join us there.

Thanks for the memories. 🙂



Let the Games Begin

By Barbara

I don’t know about anyone else, but B&B sure does have me going back and forth about my feelings for certain people. One minute I love them, the next I hate them. Then they’re just ‘meh’. I haven’t been through this many emotions since I was pregnant over 25 years ago, and ladies, most of you know what an emotional roller coaster that is. I almost feel like sitting in a corner somewhere and drooling out of sheer frustration and confusion...


I’m Just Not That Kind of Girl

By Karen

Well, here we are, still hip deep in the “Quinn deserves sympathy” doo doo. So this article will be fairly short. Thankfully, it wasn’t the only story going today, but the other story doesn’t inspire any must see feelings in me, either. So let’s just get this over with.

Caroline and Douglas returned today and saw Thomas after he had his turn at groveling by Eric’s bedside. He and Sasha were discussing Eric’s condition and Thomas’ remorse when they arrived...


Say What Now?!?!

By Karen

Hello, Universe, and welcome to the weekend. Admittedly, I watched all of this week’s episodes at once when I realized I had to write today. I had originally planned to just delete them without watching. I cannot stand it when the writers try to play me like I’m stupid and this “Quinn is the poor misunderstood victim” crapola does exactly that. I did watch the episodes though and listened to the dialogue...