Welcome to B&B Universe!


Welcome to B&B Universe! Our site is dedicated to the most watched soap opera in the world, the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether you love the Forresters or loathe the Logans, one thing we can all be certain of is our love for the show.

This site was born out of concern for the survival of our beloved show. Many fans have grown weary about the direction of the writing and how certain characters are being portrayed...

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Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows: Busy MamaMia


On February 19, our friend and inspiration Pamela Victoria, aka Busy MamaMia, passed away surrounded by her loved ones, leaving wonderful memories of her presence among us.

Pam was the guiding force of BBuniverse; in fact, she was the reason we opened it! There was a time when Taylor fans were shut down on many Bold and The Beautiful dedicated message boards...

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Scheming and Creeping


By TheBrit

I bit the bullet today and managed to get through B&B without capping the urge to mentally choke a character. *side eye to Ivy* Granted, I watched it with my mother, but I can say I got through something. Half and half of the show was either of pretending to care about Raya and their happy dappy ways or watching the breakdown of Caridge.

In fairness, it’s perfectly fine for Caroline to want kids because she’s young and has much of her life ahead of her...

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Videos 9/1/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com)

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Videos 8/31/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com)

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The Poisoned Plant Needs Some Pruning


By Alwayshuntress

This week opened with Steffy and Liam frantically discussing ‘the tape’ which led to quite the bit of BS exiting Steffy’s lips, for anyone who knows her history.

“There’s no excuse for blackmail.”

Riiiiight. On the one hand, maybe her miscarriage and being away for a couple years matured certain aspects of her personality? Or maybe being a target makes her realize how it feels? On the other hand, REST anyone? Or how about Brolivergate? *eyebrow raise*

Enough said.

Down the hall...

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Cliffhanger Friday?!?


By Barbara

What ever happened to cliffhanger Fridays? No offense, B&B fans, but I came really close to taking a nap during today’s show. I was actually surprised when it was over because it was so flat. I couldn’t believe that was the end, and had to double-check my clock.

This week’s B&B had a lot of controversy on it surrounding Aly’s death, Ivy and Wyatt’s blackmail, and a general population of watchers who have been wanting to slap their TVs...

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Videos 8/28/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com)

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SNS Spoilers Week of September 7

*Pre-empted Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) and Friday, September 11 due to CBS Sports Coverage of US Open Tennis.

Wyatt is under pressure when Ivy and Steffy give him opposite instructions regarding the fate of the video.

Ivy has a back-up plan ready in case Wyatt and Steffy delete the video without her consent, but later has regrets about her final decision.

Aware that Caroline knows the truth about Aly’s death and the existence of the video, Steffy appeals to her to never disclose either to R...

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Tale of Three Couples… and a Thomas


By Karen

What can I say? Steam is as hot and sexy as they ever have been. The chemistry and sexiness of that pairing shines through no matter what they are doing in a scene together. Whether they are arguing, working, being playful, or passionately kissing and making love; their chemistry is off the charts. They are certainly one of the best couples on the show. Their weak link has always been Liam and his divided heart. Remove that weakness, and you have a couple worth watching and rooting for...

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Videos 8/27/2015

Full Episode (CBS.com)

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